How do you create a list of only your subscribed channels?

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Re: How do you create a list of only your subscribed channels?

@mordinxx wrote:

>2. Alternately, I can look at only the channels that I DO subscribe to ("free to me")

Does not include all subscribed channels.

It should.  Which of your subscribed channels are missing from the "Free To Me" view?


>So what "control" would you like? What "lack" makes the ignite remote "utterly pathetic"?

I just came over to Ignite from Bell FibreOp, since moving and it wasn't available in my new building. With Bell, when I bring up the guide it only shows channels I can actually watch. Anytime they had any 'free views' they showed up automatically.

They do for me on Ignite TV.  The "Free Previews" voice command will show all Free Previews available to you.  Your Guide should also get updated and temporarily show those channels as subscribed.  (e.g. all the Super Channel channels all showed up as subscribed in my Free To Me view during the last Free Preview, as did the On Demand content.)


If you are not seeing all of your subscribed channels, try performing a "System Refresh".  Press the "A" button on your remote, scroll right and select "System Refresh".  If that does not fix the problem, contact Rogers for further assistance.