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Help with XR15 programming

I Plan to Stick Around

I've never any luck with anything from Rogers.. Just switched to Ignite and more problems.. yay me... Not that I expected anything different... I should mention that none of the 'auto' programming works and when it troubleshoots connection it spins for about 5 minutes then the channel switches to 1.. and that's it.. nothing


  I am trying to get the xr15 to work with my TV and my sound bar.. I would like:

- The power button to turn the sound bar on/off and the TV on/off at the same time

- Remote volume to control my sound bar

- Remote TV Input to show TV menu and switch between inputs..


  I don't think I'm asking for much here.. My digital service did this very well.. You would think a 'newer' service would do better.. Rogers is so frustrating!!!


TV: RCA rtru5528-ca

Sound bar: Yamaha YAS-105


  I went to Rogers XR15 – URC Support and entered every code for bot devices..  The closest I can get is being able to: Turn OFF the TV but now ON by using the TV input button on the remote and choosing turn off TV from that menu and able to use volume control and turn on and off my sound bar with the remote power button. I think we can all agree that just isn't sufficient..
 Can someone please offer some assistance on how I can get my Ignite XR15 to work like it SHOULD??

Thank you!



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Re: Help with XR15 programming

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@bigdee2015 : Check out the following post which discusses how the remote works, since it works differently from the Digital Cable remotes, especially with regard to the Ignite Box:


If you enable HDMI-CEC on all your devices, then the box should turn on the TV, which should in turn turn on the sound bar.  It should also turn off the TV, which in turn turns off the sound bar.  The volume control should be programmable via the URC website with HDMI-CEC on or off...


With HDMI-CEC disabled, the remote should be programmable for the TV and the bar and the bar volume using the codes in URC's website.


One thing to be extremely careful of is having HDMI-CEC enabled, but the  remote also sending codes to the various devices, which can cause "a fight" for control and things not working properly.

Re: Help with XR15 programming

I Plan to Stick Around

Hi 57..

  Thanks for the reply..

  I have HDMI-CEC turned on my TV and when it searched for devices, it finds the Ignite box only. My sound bar does not have an option to turn that on or off..

  I have my sound bar connected to my TV via optical audio cable. I heard AFTER I got Ignite that it has a really hard time with RCA devices (TV's) - Only wish I known about that before, considering I have 2 RCA Tv's =/ And of course when I search for 'codes' through the urcsupport site for my Yamaha using my model - though I did go through all the codes..

 I read the info in he link you provided.. thanks

..  To recap - I can't seem to find a code that works properly for my rtru5528-ca - and by properly I mean turn off and on.

.. I cannot get my yamaha yas-105 to work WITH the TV, once I add the code for that, I can change SOURCE for my TV, but the power only turn off/on the sound bar


I'm at a loss.. Is it normal for the Ignite to 'lose' the previous TV code I entered?? I eve tried turning OFF my TV while inputting the code for the sound bar without change..

  Thanks for any help... At this all day.. A 'programmable' remote should never be this difficult...



Re: Help with XR15 programming

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Resident Expert

Have you tried the following?


I'm still on Digital Cable.  I don't have Ignite, but I've read most of the posts regarding Ignite...