Harmony Remote and Ignite

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Re: Harmony Remote and Ignite


I've just purchased a Harmony 665 remote and I've successfully added my IgniteTV to it, however I can't seem to determine if, or where, on the Harmony I can access the features found on the ROGERS button on my Ignite remote, i.e. On Demand, Recordings, Apps.  The Ignite box I have is model AX061AEI and it works fine with the Harmony but it's just those features from the ROGERS button I can't figure out how to access using the Harmony.  Curious if anyone else has experienced this and found a solution.



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Re: Harmony Remote and Ignite

With Harmony, there are "hard" buttons on the remote itself and "soft" buttons accessed by "drilling down" various pages on the screen. I assume that the Rogers button is on one of those "lower" screens.  The Harmony is configurable, so you can "move" the Rogers (soft) button (or any other desired buttons) higher up in the screen hierarchy , or even "map" the Rogers (or other) button to one of the "Hard" buttons on the Harmony that's not used for anything else.  You can also create Macros, which are a sequence of button presses for functions that you may use often.