HP Printer loses connection the next day after joining the network

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Re: HP Printer loses connection the next day after joining the network

@ColdGranite  Wi-Fi 6 access points should be backwards compatible in most cases but it also depends on the device as well.  Older devices may not be compatible.  For example, I have a network printer whose Wi-Fi driver never got updated to patch the KRACK vulnerability, and it will not work with my Wi-Fi 5 access points unless security is loosened in settings to accommodate the device.  I do not think that this printer will be able to connect to a Wi-Fi 6 access point.


There were also reports of computers with Wi-Fi 6 chipsets bringing down XB6 gateways when they connect to Wi-Fi, so interoperability issues are not unheard of.


Also, just just like we have issues with some Wi-Fi devices not working when Band Steering is enabled, we will probably also have issues with some devices not being able to connect to an AP that is running in WPA2/WPA3 mixed mode.  Weird issues will arise when old Wi-Fi drivers and chipsets try to connect with newer gear and run into implementation issues that they do not expect and cannot handle.


Adding to all of this, the XB7 undoubtedly has its own set of quirks that we will need to discover all over again and get sorted out.  I don't have an XB7 gateway so I can't help with this at the moment.


Does the XB7 have a weird implementation? 

I'm quite certain that the answer to this question is YES.  🙂