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HP Printer loses connection the next day after joining the network

I'm Here A Lot

I'm having a problem where my HP printer keeping losing network connect the day after joining the network (can't print and can't go to the printer web page). I have an HP Laserjet P1102W and the new Ignite modem/router Model TG3482ER3. I tried multiple things like rebooting (lots), joining the network through the WPS buttons, using manufacture software method, switching from automatic to manual IP address, changing the router IP range and adding a manual IP outside this range for the printer. All this achieves the same result, failure. Right now have to run down to the printer and plug it into the laptop which is a major pain. With the previous generation rogers modem/router, I had the same problem but entering the printer IP address manually fixed this issue but not with this new modem/router.




Re: HP Printer loses connection the next day after joining the network

@Kejia wrote:

I switched into rogers ignite internet last week, and find out that all works well except the printer.

It’s a HP printer with air print, I printed a few pages after connect it to the wifi. But a few minutes later, neither my phone or my ipad could find the printer on the network, the ignite wifi hub app also shows its offline. But the printer shows “connected with internet”. I reconnected it to the wifi, also restart a few times, but still the same problem.

I solved the problem by connect the devices to another wifi network and printed the rest pages, but that’s just a temporary solution.

How should I really fix this?

have you tried:


..."forgetting" previous wifi connection on printer, and reconnecting WIFI from scratch?

...Setting your printer's band frequency fixed to 2.4  (or 5) rather than "both"?

... checking the printer's "location" as shown on the Windows 10 "printer properties" dialog... it will show the IP address  in the "location" field... something like : Does that match what the printer panel tells you that the printer thinks is its IP?

... checking that HPSmart ... or the printer's own app (such as HP6960) .... can find the printer?

... hooking the printer directly to a computer with internet cable and logging onto its internal web server with a browser... and checking if there is anything obviously amiss in the WIRELESS settings?

....resetting the printer for factory settings, and reconfiguring everything from scratch?