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Getting connected

I've been around

I'm not connected, I went through the connect for success did that been approved everything's been done got my package picked out. I live in a new sixplex apartment that was the first one done by housing with shipping containers there's one tenant that's already been hooked up by Rogers we've all got the cables in here another one being hooked on Sunday but they won't connect me till the 30th and I don't understand it's very frustrating I'm frustrated I want answers why can't they come and connect me at the same time I should have been connected sooner because the one that's getting connected tomorrow I called way before he did I just want answers I'm really looking forward to the cable I haven't had it since the 2nd of March I haven't had anything so I am frustrated. I really hope somebody sees this at Rogers and please pushes this through because there's no sensible explanation I have the cable wires in the bathroom in the box they put in now I know the tenant that got hooked up the other day she had an issue they came back today and I hope rectified it the box is too big from Rogers for the actual box in the wall for the wireless I know many won't understand the setup here but it's very different but I just want to get connected so I really hope something happens by posting this. The 30th is I'm sorry to say is insane when there's two that will be hooked by tomorrow I just want answers please:)


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Re: Getting connected


Greetings @Shilohbaby1!


Installations are typically done on a first come, first serve basis, based on technician availability per each calendar date.


I am sorry that there is a bit of a wait but spring time is usually a busy season for us since it marks the beginning of our burial season. Installations or repairs that were put off until the ground thaws are booked well ahead of time during the winter months and that may impact technician availability come spring time.


This is a popular program and it sounds to me like your neighbours may have began this process before you and were able to secure an earlier date as a result.




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