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Firewall on Arris TG3482G blocking COD 4 multiple player on Xbox

I've Been Here Awhile



My modem's firewall has been cutting me off in the middle of game play on on COD Black Ops 4. When looking in the logs I get the following output. I have DMZ'd my connection however this problem still occurs. Does anyone know how to prevent this from occurring? 


FW.IPv6 FORWARD drop , 1150 Attempts, 2019/2/24 14:01:33 Firewall Blocked




Re: Firewall on Arris TG3482G blocking COD 4 multiple player on Xbox

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Resident Expert

@Northern_D let me draw your attention to the following thread:


Perhaps @RogersCorey can move your post to that thread so that @RogersAndy can respond to it.  


Can you remind me, when you placed the xbox in the DMZ does that use an IP address or MAC address.  If it uses an IP address, then the XBOX should be assigned a static IPV4 address which is then placed in the DMZ.  If it uses the MAC address, then one would think that the XBOX would be wide open to the internet for both IPV4 and IPV6, regardless of the state of the IPV6 firewall.  Perhaps the IPV6 firewall is an overlooked issue.  


The problem with the XBOX is that it will use whatever path it chooses, so, you never know if its using an IPV4, IPV6 or Teredo Tunneling.  The XBOX selects any of those paths based on its own criteria.  I'm trying to remember what was stated by Microsoft's XBOX engineering staff but I believe it was along the lines of no firewall enabled for IPV6 operations, which lets the XBOX run IPV6 without hindrance.  I'll have to review the presentation again.  Personal opinion, I would never let any device on the internet without a firewall ahead of it, despite any advice from a platform designer.   Only time that I don't use a firewall is for extremely short test periods, then its back behind a firewall.  


Since I don't have the Arris modem, can you let me know what options are available for the IPV6 firewall settings.  A screen shot would do if you can manage it.  Use Ctrl + Alt + Prtscrn, dump that into Microsoft paint and crop it down to the firewall control page.  Save that and then attach it as a photo to post.  


I suspect that Microsoft's solution is to run the modem without any IPV6 firewall.  What's the current IPV6 firewall setting on the modem?  


The other consideration is to simply disable IPV6 in the modem and then reboot the modem and XBOX, forcing the XBOX into IPV4 and Teredo Tunneling only modes.  That would be unfortunate as IPV6 should provide better networking capability over IPV4 and its port forwarding requirements. 

Re: Firewall on Arris TG3482G blocking COD 4 multiple player on Xbox

I've Been Here Awhile

@Datalink Thanks for the input and suggestions. I have checked and I am not able to disable the IP6 in the modems settings. The DMZ only gives the option to disable IP4 or IP6 so the use of the MAC is not available. The firewall options are fairly basic as seen in the attached screen shot. IPv6_firewall_Options.png



@RogersCoreyif you can help relocate this thread to the correct forum it would be appreciated.

Re: Firewall on Arris TG3482G blocking COD 4 multiple player on Xbox

@Northern_D you could try an experiment if an when you have time.  That would be to select Custom Security and Disable Entire Firewall.  Since this is on the IPV6 page, I'm assuming that its going to leave the IPV4 firewall up and running.  Then I would reboot the modem and disconnect all devices from the modem with the exception of the Xbox.  Play a game or two so that you can come to some type of conclusion regarding the IPV6 firewall vesus the Xbox.  That doesn't necessary help the situation, but, it would or should clarify if the IPV6 firewall is the culprit.  


So, fwiw there are two versions of the XB6 modem.  The Arris version (Intel Puma 7) which you have and the Technicolour version which is based on the Broadcom BCM-3390 chipset.  Regardless of whether or not you play with the firewall setting on your current Arris XB6, I'd have a chat with tech support for the purpose of swapping to the Technicolour version.  That will require setting up the Technicolour modem to run the Xi6-A Set Top Boxes.  If you're not familiar with that by now, the tech would have to set that up.  I would expect and demand that this is done at no cost you.  


More to follow ......

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