Error Message When Exchanging Flex Channels for Ignite TV

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Re: Error Message When Exchanging Flex Channels for Ignite TV

@RogersTony  / @CommunityHelps  There's definitely a problem with the web site.  I have seen this happen before when a channel is still available/broadcasting but gets removed from the list of available Flex channels.  I think this glitch happened again as a result of the Fox Sports Racing change, and I suspect parts of the system thinks that I am still subscribed to a channel but other parts of the system think that this channel is unavailable.  As a result, the web and mobile apps gets into a bad state.


With my current channel subscriptions, the MyRogers mobile app says that I have 223 channels in my lineup, which includes 85 Flex Channels.  "View my Flex Channels" displays an empty list, as does "View as a PDF".


The MyRogers web site says that I have 174 channels, which includes 76 Flex Channels.  "View my Flex Channels" displays 76 channels.  When I click "Exchange Flex Channels", I see 85 channels in my list.


Strangely, the Rogers web site, under "Bundles", says that Ignite Premier includes 190 channels + 86 Flex Channels.


When I click the "View All", then click the "See available Ignite Bundles" button, click the "New customer" option, enter my home address and click "Check address", it says that Ignite Premier has 185 Total Channels and 87 Flex Channels.


At this point, I don't know exactly what (or even how many) channels I should have nor can I even see online which channels I actually do have.

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Re: Error Message When Exchanging Flex Channels for Ignite TV

Hello, @-G-


Thanks so much for posting your concerns about your TV subscriptions.


I can understand how confusing it can be if there is a discrepancy between what you are seeing on vs your MyRogers profile in the app and website. 


We'll need to take a closer look at your account on file to determine how many channels you should be receiving. If there is an error with the website we can certainly send that off to be corrected. Please send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can get started.


I know that you are familiar with how to send a Private message but for those not familiar, no worries, Click Here.