Enable Guest Mode on Ignite TV Modem/Router

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Re: Enable Guest Mode on Ignite TV Modem/Router

How to Set up Separate Guest WiFi CGM4140COM Gateway. I want to set up a separate SSID for guests. I do not want them connecting to my secured home network. I see the guest account in the Ignite WiFi app, but no way to set up the actual WiFi. In other words I don't want guest to require my network password. I want to set up and be able to regularly change my guest access.

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Re: Enable Guest Mode on Ignite TV Modem/Router

@SonnyTheMoney  Welcome to the Community!


FYI, others have asked for this feature as well: https://communityforums.rogers.com/t5/Ignite-TV/Enable-Guest-Mode-on-Ignite-TV-Modem-Router/m-p/4526...


Comcast, unfortunately, will probably never implement guest WiFi networks on the XB6.  Instead, they enable public WiFi hotspots on their customers' XB6 gateways that guests can use for Internet connectivity.