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Download & Go shows in app not working

I'm here a lot

The iOS ignite tv app allows me to download a show. It says it’s downloaded, but when going to play I get Connection Error TVAPP-00351. Some work, some don’t. I’m on my home wifi.


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Re: Download & Go shows in app not working

I've been around

I'm new to Rogers ignite but I was happy to hear they now had download and go available like the competition. I just tried it out today for the first time on two different shows and both times I never made it to the end of the episode. I keep getting this message "Well that's didn't go as planned. We're having trouble playing this recording. We checked for this program on demand but, unfortunately, it is not available. Please try watching another program." I had no issues thinking it was just an error on one but then it started on the second one and I will admit it was a little frustrating as this is one of my fave features of my old provider since I don't always have access to wifi. It would also happen occasionally when I used the 30 second jump to skip commercials. Anyone have this happen before or any suggestions?


Re: Download & Go shows in app not working


Hi @dmortson@CanadianGurl86 ,


I do apologize to hear you are getting a connection error when trying to watch a downloaded show in the app. While to stream certain content you do need to be connected on your home Wi-Fi to watch it, downloaded shows are setup so that you can watch them anytime even while your phone is not connected and offline.Can you let us know a few more details to investigate this further for you? 

Are you using any other devices in the home to download any shows? Once a recording is downloaded, it can only be watched on that device.

Can you try on the downloaded show that you are getting the error on to "Return" it, Re-Download it back to the device and try again? To do that:
• In the Ignite TV app, tap Downloads.
• Tap the downloaded program you want to return.
• Tap Return. Then go to Downloads or Purchases
• Tap the program you want to download.

Let us know if that helps or if you are still experiencing that error message.



Re: Download & Go shows in app not working

Only trying to watch it on the Iphone it was downloaded to.

Returned it, re downloaded it a number of times. It was a movie, about 2 hours in size.

Still got the same error message. Other shows were fine mostly. Some shows I downloaded successfully were not watchable, I returned, downloaded and they were fine.

On my home wifi.

It's like the download succeeds, but the show isn't always watchable, even though it succeeded.

Re: Download & Go shows in app not working

I plan to stick around

Why can I not use Download & Go on my laptop?


Re: Download & Go shows in app not working

Hello @dmortson,


Thank you for the detailed information! We can certainly open a ticket to investigate this further.


Please send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can get started on this. Not familiar with our private messaging system? No worries click here.

@Avid- welcome to the Community! Ignite TV Download and Go is available on mobile devices running iOS and Android only.




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