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Disney Plus Promo Email Not Yet Received

I've been here awhile

I purchased Ignite TV on September 13th, 2022 (new account setup) and am eligible for the Disney Plus promotion of 6 months free.  My eligibility has been confirmed by the agent who setup the service and the Rogers agents I've talk with.  I have not received the email to setup Disney Plus and called Rogers 6 times and have not received my email to setup this service (calls were made on Sep 13, Sep 16, Sep 19, Sep 22, Sep 27, Sep 28).  Super frustrated that Rogers has not sent me the email or called back.  


Super Frustrated!  False advertising in my opinion.



Re: Disney Plus Promo Email Not Yet Received

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

You check in  your MyRogers? I know ours showed there as well.

Re: Disney Plus Promo Email Not Yet Received

I've been here awhile

I checked My Rogers but the Disney Plus says I'm ineligible 

Re: Disney Plus Promo Email Not Yet Received

I've been around
Same problem. I was told to go to my Rogers app, hit the more button and then Subscriptions. There is no Subscriptions button, super frustrated. Seems they don't make it easy to get your "free" Disney+

Re: Disney Plus Promo Email Not Yet Received

Hello @Leimars and @Stmickey007,


Thank you for joining us here in the Rogers Community and for sharing your concerns! If you are eligible for the free Disney+ offer, we certainly want to help ensure that you can take advantage of it! 


Have you checked your spam/junk folders to ensure our email confirmation didn't end up there by mistake? Do either of you already have a prepaid Disney+ subscription ongoing through Disney or via another source? Or have you already taken advantage of our Disney+ offer with one of our other products such as Wireless? 


@Leimars, may I ask what transpired when you called in and spoke with our Customer Care agents? Did they submit any sort of case to have this looked into? Feel free to send us a PM @CommunityHelps so we can take a closer look for you.


@Stmickey007, when checking More > Subscriptions, are you using the MyRogers app or are you going through a web browser? If going through our app, please ensure you have the latest version installed. If going through a web-browser, can you please try clearing your cache and see if that helps? You may also want to try a different web browser as well. If still no luck, feel free to send us a PM via @CommunityHelps so we see what's going on. 


Kind regards,

Rogers Yasmine


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