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Re: Disney+ App

Just to point out, Rogers did attempt to build an IPTV type of system for the older Nextboxes.  The result was a $500 million dollar write off and a move to the current Comcast IPTV system known as Ignite TV.  Good try, no cigar as they say.  

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Re: Disney+ App

At the end of the day the technology behind this does not matter. I pay for a service and would just like a date when Rogers will make this available or that they will not. Simple question to the business, when and if it will be available.
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Re: Disney+ App

I finally gave up and bought a Roku
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Re: Disney+ App

That's not true - the technology behind it does matter in this case. The whole point is that Rogers *can't* give an exact date or even a yes/no, since they are using a tech developed and maintained by another company. So, if that company makes a specific service available on their platform, then Rogers will have that service available to give to us. If that other company hasn't or won't make a specific service available, then Rogers can't possibly give an exact date or even a yes/no, apart from perhaps communicating with that other company to get an answer to your question from them.

So, if you absolutely need Disney+, then at this point, you'll have to find another way to play it on your TV. There are other options besides abandoning IgniteTV, unless overall you believe that another service like Roku will fit all your needs better. But, if what IgniteTV generally offers is sufficient, except for this one app, then get an HDMI chord and plug a laptop to the TV. Or, buy Chromecast and cast it from your laptop, tablet, or phone.
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Re: Disney+ App

I bought a Nvidia SHIELD TV when I had the older Nextbox 2 PVR.


I just switched to Ignite TV, and was happy to see Netflix, YouTube and Prime Video available as Ignite TV apps.


Hopefully Disney+ will be available on Ignite TV soon, but until then I can also access all apps on SHIELD TV.