Disable Arris XB6 Ethernet Ports?

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Disable Arris XB6 Ethernet Ports?

I was wondering if there was a way to disable the Ethernet ports on the Arris XB6 modem? Trying to make it as “secure” as possible to ensure internet can’t be accessed when it’s not allowed to be 😉 I already disabled the WPS and I think the Ethernet ports are the last thing I have to do. Any help or useful suggestions would be great. Thanks!



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Re: Disable Arris XB6 Ethernet Ports?

@mandilou2373  I can't think of anything other than keeping the XB6 in a locked (and ventilated) enclosure.  Even if there were configuration options to either disable or block access from the Ethernet ports, somebody could always gain access to the device and to the network by performing a factory reset using a paper clip.