Device usage time

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Device usage time

Wondering if there is a way that can show me how much time (hours or minutes) a certain device has been used that day on my network?
I see the “peak” times showing but I want and need to be able to somehow monitor the number of hours my kids can access the wifi through the day while I’m at work.


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Re: Device usage time

If you could confirm WHICH app/page your trying to set this with 
(as it might vary from modem to modem)

I know with the Ignite wifi, your able to set 'bedtime' times, where it will cut off access between X pm and Y am.
As well it can set 'active' hours used.   That they only have like 4 hours of activity. And after that would cut off.
This is per 'profile' so would be across multiple devices assigned to that one user.