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Connect MyZone Wired Headphones to TV with Rogers Ignite

I Plan to Stick Around

Hi everyone. We have Ignite TV. We also have 2 sets of "MyZone" headphones. The transmitter is designed to connect to the audio out (one white, one red connector). We have plugged them into the backs of 2 TVs, because there are no audio plugs on Ignite boxes. There is only one open spot, on the Ignite boxes, marked "only for input devices". The spot looks like the shape of an RJ45, or Ethernet type of cable. We could be wrong. The headphones are wireless, but they receive their transmission, from the transmitter, plugged into the backs of the TVs (so no Bluetooth). We are unable to receive the sound, from the TV. Is there a solution? 


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Re: Connect MyZone Wired Headphones to TV with Rogers Ignite

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

1. What is the exact make/model of your TV?

2. The analogue audio connections on the back of most TVs (red/white) are usually inputs, not outputs.

3. If it is an output, you may need to tell the TV through it's audio menu setup that you are using external, not the TV's internal speakers.

4. Most TVs have an optical audio output.  I had a quick look at the MyZone and they don't appear to have an optical input, only the analogue (red/white) cables.  If they have an optical input, you could use that.

5. The connections on the Ignite box are Ethernet (in) and HDMI (out).

6. Another possibility would be to get a "adapter" that has an HDMI input (from Ignite box) and output (to TV) as well as the analogue audio (red/white) outputs (to MyZone). I believe these are available at various places on the web, however, the HDMI "passthrough" of these devices may cause issues with the Ignite box handshake with the TV and also may not pass 4K video signals.


Interestingly, the MyZone ads on the web indicate they will work with any TV, but that's simply not the case if the TV doesn't have analogue outputs...


You may need to consider some different headphones that accept Optical input signals from the TV, if your TV has optical out.  Just realize that using the optical out of the TV turns off the Internal speakers.


If the TV has a headphone jack, you could buy an adapter that goes from the headphone jack to analogue cables.

Re: Connect MyZone Wired Headphones to TV with Rogers Ignite

I Plan to Stick Around
Thanks for your reply. We'll take a look. We also are unable to connect our Bluetooth wireless headsets. Despite following the quite simple instructions, neither our Merkury BTH58, nor our Bytech headset are discoverable. Prior to turning the Bluetooth off, on all other devices in the room (in hopes of avoiding confusion), the Ignite box did discover a laptop, but not the headsets. We have tried, numerous times, even turning the TV and the headsets on and off, to no avail. We did not reboot the Ignite box, as it, clearly, is searching for devices. Any suggestions, solutions, options, would be most appreciated.

Re: Connect MyZone Wired Headphones to TV with Rogers Ignite

I Plan to Stick Around

Just a note to clarify one of your statements.  Not all TV's disable the internal speakers when the digital optical out is being used.  My TV for example (Sony Bravia Z9F), has the digital optical out active at all times, independent of whether using internal or external speakers.  I currently have the Avantree Opera headphones attached, and can still hear the TV.

Re: Connect MyZone Wired Headphones to TV with Rogers Ignite

Greetings @zimmermn!


Have you tried testing out these headphones on another device to ensure the issue isn't isolated to Ignite TV? Is the adapter the one that came with these headphones or did you have to purchase it separately?


If you could also share with us the model of your TV, that would be most helpful. If you're using an adapter, there may be an audio related setting on your TV that needs to be adjusted to allow the adapter to function and there's no way for our Community to suggest such a fix without knowing your TV model.


Please also keep in mind that adapters don't always work as well as an internal Bluetooth connection. They can bring a whole new set of complications all their own when you're attempting to convert a digital signal to analog.




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