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Certain US Channels Unavailable At Cottage

I've been here awhile

I have ignite at home along with 500/500 Rogers internet. All is good.

I have a cottage and have Ignite on my computer. When I try to watch certain US channels I get a message that they're not available and that I have to be on my home Rogers internet. Canadian channels + Crave + HBO1 & HBO2 are fine. Rogers is not available at my cottage so they are not an option. Any ideas?


Re: Certain US Channels Unavailable At Cottage

I'm a senior advisor

Could be because you are not on your home rogers network and some stations and/or shows have protection against just watching them anywhere.


Like trying to watch american video on from canada. Video us not available in your country. In this case you are off your home network.

Re: Certain US Channels Unavailable At Cottage

I've been here awhile

Well thanks for trying to help but you are just telling me what I already know. Is Rogers not really doing false advertising by misleading us that Ignite TV can go where ever you go? Maybe I missed it but there is no where that your told that certain channels may be unavailable if your not at home especially if a Rogers network is unavailable where you actually are?

Re: Certain US Channels Unavailable At Cottage

I plan to stick around

Sure it does if you read the "detail" on the Ignite page


  1. On compatible iOS and Android devices, within Canada, where you have an Internet connection. Out-of-home streaming limited to 2 devices at the same time, and combined in-home and out-of-home streaming limited to 5 devices at the same time (including streaming via on your computer). Content and feature availability dependent on licensed content rights. Data usage charges may apply when off your home Rogers network."


Re: Certain US Channels Unavailable At Cottage

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
It's a licencing issue with the channel / program. Basically its up to the network to decide if they want Rogers to allow the channel to be streamed on a tablet on a out of home network, some do, some don't.

Conventional TV has lots of these restrictions. Or you can get a Sling Box and watch ANY channel you get at home on your tablet or mobile, but the box will take over your PVR and stream it over the net so someone else cant be watching that tv at home or they will see u change channels etc
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