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Can't find "After the Storm" on Crave on my IgniteTV box.

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Resident Expert

"After the Storm" is a two part documentary/TV Series (2 x 45min) on the BC flooding a couple of years back.  When I search for it using the remote's voice command  - many different variations, going to Crave first, etc., it is nowhere to be found.  I do find several movies called "After the Storm", but they are not what I want.  I even clicked on them to see if they were "mislabelled", but they were not.


However, it is available via the Crave app on my iPad and via the Crave website using my computer.


I also tried searching using the people involved with the series, but didn't find anything that way either - although I did find it in French as "Apres la Tempete".


I guess I'll have to stream it using the laptop I have connected to my TV, unless someone can find it using the IgniteTV box.


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Re: Can't find "After the Storm" on Crave on my IgniteTV box.

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

I went ahead and watched these two episodes tonight using my Laptop connected to my TV.  I have the following comments:


This is a very good documentary and I would encourage anyone to watch it. It's roughly 1.5 hours comprised of two episodes of 45 minutes each.  One episode concentrates on the area around Merritt BC (and the nearby highways) and the other Abbotsford (flatland), but there is also discussion on why the situation was so bad and what we can do about possible mitigation for the future. 


Although my laptop and TV are both capable of 4K, the stream from Crave is only 720P, and from what I could tell, not very good 720P at that.  Also, two channel audio.  Neither audio or video bore any resemblance to what I get when watching Crave programming on my Rogers box.

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