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Can't connect hardware VPN into my home network

I've been here awhile

Hi All,


home network.png

I find a picture is worth a thousand words, so I created the above diagram.  I can't seem to connect to my VPN server from the Internet, however, I am able to do it from the internal network.  I have tried to use an online port scanner, and don't see the ports that are being forwarded as being open.  Looked at the logs on the Technicolor Modem/Router and can't see anything there.  

Thoughts are welcome.  


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Re: Can't connect hardware VPN into my home network


Hello and welcome to our Community, @badsfasd!


While this kind of set up falls out of our official scope of support, you have come to the right place for help. Our Community has some very knowledgeable members who have custom setups like this too.


I'm sure someone from our Community will be able to help you with this!




Re: Can't connect hardware VPN into my home network

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@badsfasd  I don't have the hardware required to duplicate your setup so I can't test this myself... but a few things did jump out at me.


First, it looks like you are trying to pass traffic for PPTP and OpenVPN.


For PPTP, you need to pass TCP port 1723 and GRE.  However, GRE is not TCP or UDP port 47 but IP Protocol number 47, which I don't think you can configure rules for on the XB6.


For OpenVPN, this requires UDP port 1194 as well as TCP port 443.


For outbound VPN traffic, you may run into other issues.  The XB6 does not have any options to either enable or disable VPN Passthrough, so you may have issues with NAT traversal.  For some people, outbound VPN connections work fine; for others, connections either don't establish or drop after a period of time.


You also mentioned that you disabled the firewall on the XB6.  Did you put it into Bridge Mode??  If the firewall on the XB6 is disabled, where are you configuring your rule sets?


How do you have your Ignite TV set-top boxes connected?


There may be other ways to connect your VPN server but that depends on what you are trying to accomplish, and what internal network resources you are trying to grant access to from the public Internet.

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