Can Crave+HBO subscription access

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I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Can Crave+HBO subscription access

Crickets...  they told me 24-48 hours.. Ha!

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Can Crave+HBO subscription access

I had the same problem, I tried to log in to the Crave app using my Rogers credentials and was  told that I was not a subscriber. I called tech support and was told that this was a not uncommon problem and was probably, as Rogers Andy states below, because my Ignite tv account number was not associated with my Rogers account.  The tech went into my account and made the next necessary changes and was told that I would be able to access Crave in about 24 hours. Next day I was able to use the Crave app on my phone a d access the Crave website. Call tech support and get them to associate your Ignite account with your Rogers account.  I don't know why this isn't standard procedure when customers that have a Crave subscription sign up for Ignite TV.

@RogersAndy wrote:

Hey @maximus!


I'm glad you have a ticket escalated for this. Crave TV is fantastic so I can appreciate wanting to get this resolved asap. Can you confirm for me if your Ignite TV account number is associated with your MyRogers account? This can often be the cause of services like this not working, as upon logging in with your MyRogers credentials it will look to verify the entitlement via an account number. If that isn't found you'll receive an error message indicating you don't have a subscription. I hope this helps!




I've Been Around
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Re: Can Crave+HBO subscription access

I have ignite tv from rogers need to know how do i Crave TV
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Can Crave+HBO subscription access

You need a separate subscription, Crave is not included with IgniteTV. If you have a subscription then you can access it on your tv, the Ignite app and on your computer.