CBS - Channel 193

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CBS - Channel 193

Can anyone tell me if channel 193 CBS (Ottawa area) is consistently pixelated.  CBS channel 13 is fine, but on all my TVs, I can never get channel 193 to play clearly.  Audio is fine.


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Re: CBS - Channel 193

Good day @jjjjy7,



Thanks for your post! Experiencing technical issues with one of your favorite channel can definitely be inconvenient.



To help, we would need more information from you. When did you first notice the issue and what troubleshooting was performed since?


We were wondering if you had a chance to call support and get a ticket created for the prompt resolution of this issue. If you did not yet, we most definitely want to further assist you. 

Please PM us @CommunityHelps so that we can take a deeper look into this. If you're not familiar with our PM process, you'll find instructions here.