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Because You Watched

When browsing "Saved" or "On Demand" in Rogers ignite, there is a row titled "Because You Watched".

Recommendations are a good idea but some of the listings are things I'm embarrassed to have watched and the system keeps putting them in my face.

There is no way to delete "Because You Watched" selections. They just keep coming back up.


They are in a history log somewhere and an algorithm keeps drawing on them.


Rogers, please provide a way to erase these specific shows from the history, or provide a way to block them as recommendation sources in the future.

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Resident Expert
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Re: Because You Watched

@markglaab  I also asked for something like this here@Rogers_Red5  's  response at the time could only suggest marking content as unwatched and clearing the list of previously-watched channels.


Hopefully the Ignite TV product team has better and more effective solutions in the works that will give customers the ability to manage and clear their viewing history, along with more privacy-friendly features that will give customers more control over the information that is collected and stored about their activities, platform interactions, and viewing habits.