Audio and Picture not in sync

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Re: Audio and Picture not in sync

Doing the tests wired is important..
Just curious which speed test site are you using?  and which endpoint when running it?
Sometimes the choice can effect the speed somewhat (though not a 900mbps loss though)

Sounds a lot like you may have other issues going on.. signal or other related, in which your not getting the fulls speeds.
Your TV issues are sounding more a 'stream' issue, than say a TV/box not keeping in sync type of thing.

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Re: Audio and Picture not in sync

@perdroman wrote:

IgniteTV - intermittent Audio out of sync and sometimes completely drops as well as video stutters


In past 2 months have been experiencing more and more Audio and Video issues with my IgniteTV setup. Have 4 Set-top boxes and use 2 regularly and am experiencing issues on both of these.

Starts out the same every time - Audio will stop but video will continue, then get video stuttering and then audio may completely stop but video still plays...

If I change channels (1 up or down then back), the audio will come back and then eventually drop again..


The 2 TVs I use the most often are Living room TV with Soundbar and Bedroom TV with built-in speakers - and experience the exact same issues..

Steps I have taken:

- Have "refreshed" my STBs via the MyRogers page

- Reset (pulled power) on Rogers Home Router multiple times

- Have reset (pulled power) all STBs multiple times and did after every Modem reset

- Have swapped my Living Room STB with Office STB (which i hardly use) and issue reoccured with new Living Room STB.

Usually happens later in day (evenings) and seems to be an issue with the Rogers feed - have seen multiple posts on similar issues and would like a Rogers Tech to investigate/troubleshoot this issue.

If you are getting audio dropouts, seeing video freeze or seeing changes in picture quality, this is a network related issue.  The freezes/dropouts occur when the set-top box needs to process the next segment in a video stream but the data is not there.  This could be caused by insufficient bandwidth, extreme latency spikes, or packet loss, etc.  If the network problems are more than intermittent, it may drop to a lower bitrate to allow smooth streaming but at a lesser quality.


Audio and video being out of sync is a different issue.  Sometimes it is due to problem in the source feed.  Sometimes it is due to how your TV or receiver may be processing the audio stream.  Does the problem go away if you change "Settings / Device Settings / Audio / HDMI Audio Output" to Stereo?


Bluetooth audio can also be problematic and can drift further and further out of sync with the video over time.

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Re: Audio and Picture not in sync

Thanks for responding.

When I opened a chat with Rogers, they  told me there was a facilities issue in my area when she looked in the system

"I just got a pop up notification of a node congestion that started Around May 12th for your area and line" and this does correlate with my 2 month timeline of issues. 
She also got me to check my wifi signal of all 4 STBs and said "Your signal on the boxes is quite high and that would explain the intermittent audio and slow speeds." 

So she added me to the Outage report fro my Node and gave me a credit (greatly appreciated) but did tell me

"as of right now I don't have an ETA on resolution as they have to build a whole new line." They tool my cell number to provide me updates on my issue. And the next morning, i received a text saying that my issue was resolved - assuming this was my internet slow speed issue (as opposed to a new line being installed) and re-did my Speedtest again (using the Rogers Speedtest tool) and was seeing high 700Mbps so that looks resolved. But as of last night, still experiencing the TV loss of audio issues so my ticket is still not fully fixed.