Audio and Picture not in sync

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Re: Audio and Picture not in sync

@HewJorgan wrote:

We often have the same channel on in the kitchen and living room. With our new Ignite boxes, the timing is always different between the 2. Is there a way to synchronize the programming so both boxes are aligned?

Hi, and welcome to the Community!


I haven't been able to find a great solution for this.  This happens with Ignite TV because even though the two set-top boxes are tuned to the same channel, they don't actually share a common network stream, and the two streams can be slightly out of sync with each other.


I can sometimes get the boxes in sync by changing to another channel and then back again.  Try this on one TV, then the other.  If that doesn't work, go to the TV that is slightly ahead and pause the program stream for a split second.


Also keep in mind that even if you get lucky and the two streams happen to be in sync right from the beginning, when you pause (or rewind) the program on one TV and then press Exit to go back to Live TV, the streams may also go out of sync.

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Re: Audio and Picture not in sync

Good evening @HewJorgan,


Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community!


If you're accustom to traditional cable over coax I suspect that seeing a disparity in the stream would certainly come as a shock! There is certainly likely to be some differences in stream timing as it's being steamed over the internet. It wouldn't be possible to guarantee an exact consecutive playback due to this. If you do have any other questions though definitely let us know!



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Re: Audio and Picture not in sync

My brother had the same issue. He unplugged then plugged back in his HDMI cable which fixed it. Check your HDMI cable and swap or replace it. They can be finicky and do "wear down" as they get older.
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