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Arris XB6 Noisy

I've Been Around

Just had Ignite TV with 150U installed this weekend. Has anyone noticed the Arris XB6 a little noisey. I can squeeze the modem casing and the noise stops. It is most likely a vibration from an internal fan. Wondering if it is worth my time to have the modem replaced.




Re: Arris XB6 Noisy

I just got Ignite last month and the fan noise from the modem is pretty annoying and whiney. It's driving me bonkers.  I don't have a lot of noise in my house so it is very noticeable and exacerbating my tinnitus .I have been a customer of Rogers from over 20 years and I have never had any noise problem from any of your modems before. It's a stinker. I have advised my friends not to get ignite because of it