Anyone left Bell Fibe TV for Rogers Ignite TV?

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Re: Anyone left Bell Fibe TV for Rogers Ignite TV?

There is also the reality that even if you don't have structured wiring in, in one of my houses a few years back, I ran some corner conduit, painted them the same collour as the wall, making them almost invisible, drilled a hole up through the floor and carpet tucked and pulled the quarter round off and laid the cable in the space in the wall.


No need to install jacks, I just installed quality longer patch cables.


There are companies out there who do home cabling (search the Internet), maybe you have a friend.


I think back to my older days - we pulled coax and telephone cable all around our housse to extend phone and TV connections, and sometimes, I pinched down the connectors or punched down the connectors to jacks on phone cables, but other times, I just bought a extender cable with a jack on both ends (that was our mobile phones of the days) - yes, people would like us to think this is a wifi world, but standards have changed a lot and more and more people are using it with more and more interference, and you still can't beat a wired solution if your house is not well designed to get clean interference, direct point to point connections to WIFI.


Just saying, sometimes we need to go to reliable old school to get our equipment to work in our environments.



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Re: Anyone left Bell Fibe TV for Rogers Ignite TV?

or simply use a "powerline adapter" on every box


powerline adapters use your home's electrical wiring to send internet data over..

plug one into your router and into a wall-plug receptacle then use one for every box in your house.. their cheap.. can find for less than $20 each (TP-Link).. use the same wall plug you use for your TV box. no configuring needed.


easy peasy

works perfectly, no issues and every box is now hard wired.. very little in my house is on wifi.. except my phones and ipads... got lots of wifi bandwidth left for whatever i need in the future

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Re: Anyone left Bell Fibe TV for Rogers Ignite TV?

Considering upgrading to Ignite TV but Bell Fibe is actually a little cheaper. Any suggestions / recommendations ?

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Re: Anyone left Bell Fibe TV for Rogers Ignite TV?

Have a look at the ongoing discussion on DSLReports:


You have to understand exactly what Bell is offering, Fibre to the home (FTTH), or DSL which is Fibre to the node and then twisted pair from the node to the home.  That DSL service has limits which are dependent on the distance to the node.  So, if you do go with Fibe, know exactly what type of service you are getting.  Sale agents tend to play rather loosely with the wording.  


Personal opinion, the pecking order should probably be Fibre to the Home, then Cable, then DSL.  FTTH will give you better latency, but Bell appears to route everything thru Chicago.   Bell also offers symmetrical download/upload and data rates up to 1.5 Gb/s down / 950 Mb/s up.  Rogers can't possibly match the upload rates.  Best you can do at the moment is ~950 Mb/s down / 30 Mb/s up.  The next firmware version for the CODA-4582 will hopefully see DOCSIS 3.1 upstream enabled which should allow Rogers to increase the upload rates.  Time will tell as to what Rogers has planned for the increased upload capacity that DOCSIS 3.1 upstream will bring. 

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Re: Anyone left Bell Fibe TV for Rogers Ignite TV?

I have had Bell Fibe for two years, but I just signed up for an Ignite bundle after the salesperson assured me that the Ignite technology is far superior than it used to be and that the Internet modem will be good enough for wifi access througout my entire house. My bell fibe alreasy does this. Within minutes of installation, however, I realized that the Rogers Ignite signal only reaches half my house. It is also significantly slower than Fibe even three feet from the modem. Needless to say, I am planning to cancel and keep my Bell.
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Re: Anyone left Bell Fibe TV for Rogers Ignite TV?

You have both installed in parallel?

One could be causing interference with the other, could be causing some of the speed issues.


Having used both the Bell and Many rogers modems, I find neither of them really work GREAT wirelessly.  Needing something else (bridged router or a mesh network) to really get the proper coverage.

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Re: Anyone left Bell Fibe TV for Rogers Ignite TV?

I was with Bell, with a Fibe25 internet, 125G data cap, and the Better TV package with the French channel add-in.   My contract expired at the end of Feb and Bell was unwilling to offer a better price  (until after I cancelled, of course) so I changed to the Rogers Ignite 500u package.   After using for a month, below are my observations.   Overall, I'm neutral on the service.  There are some good things, but a lot of things I don't like.  However, the price is pretty good so for the time being I'm going to stay.    Bell did advise this week they were going to run FTTH in our condo, so I may revisit this decision when they're done, depending on what kind of deals they make available.










·  Speed consistently high

·  Can easily set the modem into bridge mode

· Router features weak. 

o   Does not support dynamic dns

o   Does not offer guest network

o   Only has 2 ethernet ports.  Bell has 4 and I used them all.


· Speed tests always show above 500 mbs except for Google which lists 140.  I'm not sure why there's such a dramatic difference.

· I bridged the modem and added my own wireless router.



·  Nice clear image

· Voice navigation a plus

· Good price for RDS add-on

· Set top box is nice and small.   Can easily be mounted to the TV itself if desired.

· Onscreen guide is weak

· Can’t pause live TV for more than 15 minutes

· Pretty consistent sound issues

o   Audio “dims” at times then returns to normal

o   Audio cuts out completely at times for about a second

· 4K channels don’t work.  A ticket has been open for a month now with no resolution.   When I try to access a 4K channel, I get the "Something's not working..." message with error code XRE03130.

· Remote control big and clunky compared to Bell Slimline remote

· Fast forward and reverse finicky.  When rewinding, if I hit Play the stream goes back to where the rewind started from.  The only way to get it to start from the rewind point is to hit rewind again, then hit play.

· I’ve found a workaround for the pause issue.  I record the show and watch the recording instead of the live stream.


· Doesn’t play nice with my Harmony remote, though  newer remotes might be better

· STB is connected to the router via Ethernet



· Voicemail email notification and attached WAV file is a plus

· Includes all features

· Voicemail indictor on phone doesn’t always work  (neither flashing LED or fast busy audio signal)

· I’ve had messages left where I only knew I had a message because of the email notification.  Then a few days later, the phone started giving the fast busy until the VM was deleted.



· Price is better than Bell

· No contract required, no term, no cancellation fee.

· No “introductory discounts”

.  Price offered is the true price

· Installation was quick with no hassle.  The tech was in our place for about an hour total




· Overall television is not quite stable

· Product appears not quite ready for prime time


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Re: Anyone left Bell Fibe TV for Rogers Ignite TV?

Minstrel27 has a good summation

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Re: Anyone left Bell Fibe TV for Rogers Ignite TV?

I just switched from Bell Fibe to Rogers Ignite. Bell did not offer fibre in my hood and therefore I needed to switch for internet speeds. But WOW. Does Rogers TV ever suck. The functionality of Bell both thru the TV and the app are far superior. Even though Rogers has been in the TV business far longer than Bell, they sure have let it slip. Looking forward to Bell fibre so I can switch back.