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Alexa - Echo Dot Compatibility

I've been here awhile

We changed to Rogers Ignite last night. Is the Echo Dot- Alexa compatible with this service. How can I connect them?


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Re: Alexa - Echo Dot Compatibility

I'm here a lot

We changed to Ignite two weeks ago. We use the same WIFI network name as before Ignite and the Echo Dot automatically connected and works as normal.

Re: Alexa - Echo Dot Compatibility

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

For the average person, getting rogers ignite means they will most likely use the new network name and password that came with the new ignite modem.  This means all your devices must now connect to the NEW network unless you are a teckie and can change the network name AND Password on your ignite modem to what you had before.


This is normal to have to re-connect your devices. I did this for my parents by connecting their Echo Dot (Alexa) and Google Nest hub to their new Wi-Fi network.


If I was not able to help them, then my dad would probably go to YouTube and watch some video tutorials explaining how to do it.

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