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Adding telephone line

I've been around

I am very disappointed in Rogers. I spent 2 hours with a person trying to setup a phone line and porting my number.  I was told this was possible and proceeded to order it. I was told I would get my phone line by the end of the day. Of course this never happened so I phoned the next day and spoke to 3 different people who all had different answers.  I have had a landline for the past 5 years without a phone but am having trouble with the phone company I have dealt with.  I know have a new Ignite modem set up but no telephone (no dial tone). After speaking with the 3 different people I found out that I cannot get the telephone line unless I order tv stations which I didn't want and also I can't port the phone number I now have.  Why can't these people get together they all have different answers to my questions none the same. Thanks for listening to me.


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Re: Adding telephone line


Greetings @tricount41!


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and thank you for sharing your concerns with the rest of the community! Misinformation can certainly cause issues and I'm so sorry to hear that we were not clear on how our Ignite Home Phone services work for new activations. We'll try to do better going forward!


In order to add our Ignite Home Phone service, you do need to have a 3-product bundle which also includes Ignite Internet + Ignite TV or Ignite Streaming. Unfortunately, this is the minimum requirement in order to have Ignite Home Phone service installed. What you can do is activate the 3-product bundle initially, and then proceed with cancelling the TV/Streaming portion of the services and then you'll have the option to keep your Ignite Home Phone service active. 


I hope this information is helpful and I'm confident that your experience going forward with us will be a more positive one. 🙂


Kind regards,






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