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beeps on line while in use

I've been around

Occasionally, in the middle of a phone conversation (cordless on ignite wireless) I  hear three beeps and the phone goes dead. The person on the other end does not hear the beeps.  The phone battery is fully charged.


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Re: beeps on line while in use

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Hey @benf55!


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Sorry to hear you're experiencing disconnects on your phone calls! We'll be happy to assist in identifying what's going on. To better assist there's a few key pieces of information we can start with that we'll need from you.


  • Have you spoken yet with technical support?
  • Do you have the IgniteTV bundle with Home Phone? Or the legacy home phone service?
  • Does this occur on all calls? Specific Calls? During certain time periods or call duration?
  • Have you tried connecting your phone or an alternative phone to the modem to test if the issue persists?
  • Have you tried rebooting the modem?
  • How long has this issue been apparent?





Re: beeps on line while in use

beeps on the line could also be beeps coming from the handset,. have you read the handsets owners manual too? some handsets give off beeps when they are out of range from the home base station. or could be other issues too. the phone manual is also very important to read too
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