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Re: Wireless home phone voicemail

What, if any, methods are available to access voice mail for Rogers Wireless Home Phone when you are away from the wireless home phone - for example when travelling in Canada and you do not bring the Wireless Home Phone device with you. 


1. Is there an on-line voice mail service for the Wireless Home Phone like there is for the regular Home Phone service?


2. Can Wireless Home Phone voice mail be accessed by calling the Wireless Home Phone number (or a toll-free number) from another phone?


3. Is there any way to be notified of voice mails on the Wireless Home Phone service - perhaps by an email or text message to another phone number?


I've Been Around
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Re: Wireless home phone voicemail

Hi my landline voicemail is deactivated suddenly. The phone keeps ringing without going to voicemail. Any suggestions ?
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Re: Wireless home phone voicemail


Hello, @Zaphod64 & @pitu1, thank you for joining the Rogers Community Forums! Smiley Happy


@Zaphod64 - At this moment the solution is to call your phone number, upon reaching the voicemail press # and you shall be able to access your voicemail box after entering the password.


@pitu1 - Have you made any changes to your Wireless home phone plan? You can press and hold 1 on the handset or dial *98 and follow the system prompts to set up the voicemail. If not able to set it up,

please send us a private message at @CommunityHelps. Our private messaging system is explained in this blog.



The CommunityHelps Team


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Re: Wireless home phone voicemail

Wire Home Phone TAS


Tried to set up the voice mail on my Wireless Home Phone and it seems the "Home & Away Voice Mail" is not available on the wireless home phone.......is that correct???

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Re: Wireless home phone voicemail

Hello @BLB2,


Welcome to the Community Forums! 🙂


The Home & Away Voicemail service is a really great feature I used it a lot when I had the Rogers Home Phone service so I understand why you would want to extend this feature to your Wireless Home Phone.


At the moment this feature is only available on the Rogers Home Phone service. In the meantime in order to setup and access your Voicemail please follow the steps outlined above by either holding down the #1 button on your number pad of the phone or pressing *98 and follow the prompts.





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Re: Wireless home phone voicemail

Wireless Home Phone - Voicemail via Email


I recently switched from Rogers Home Phone to Rogers Wireless Home Phone.  Before I switched, I made sure to ask the rep that all the features would be exactly the same.  I specifically asked about the voicemail to email feature and was assured that it would be available.


Fast forward to now, after the change and the port and everything, and the wireless home phone shows up as if it is just another mobile number on my share everything plan.  There is no option on the web interface to configure a destination email address for the voicemails. 


I'm 99% sure I know the answer, but just to be sure: wireless home phone does not have the voicemail to email option, does it?

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Re: Wireless home phone voicemail

Hey @ready2leave


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums 🙂 


I know how handy voicemail to Email feature can be. At this time, the wireless home phone does not include this feature. To learn more about available features, please visit this page.  


Hope this helps. 



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Re: Wireless home phone voicemail

@ready2leave  Although it appears that the feature set that was described to you when you asked specifically about the availability of this feature is not there for sure, personally, I would escalate a concern via the Report a Concern on the MyRogers page if you were told directly to your direct question that it was available.  Doesn't mean you will get it, but possibly you can make a case for consideration for the misrepresentation of the truth of your future services.


This is why the CRTC directs us as consumers to know what we need and to specifically ask what we are getting and not getting in order that we can be educated consumers.


Just my opinion - this is holding them accountable for what they tell us.