TV Call Display

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TV Call Display

How do I set up my Home Phone to show who is calling on my TV?



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Re: TV Call Display

What TV service do you have? What model of TV boxes do you have?
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Re: TV Call Display

Its only available on Cable TV (not the new ignite service at the moment)

I think though that it needs to be a feature added/activated on the phone package as well.


And is only available on specific boxes.. any of the older SD boxes on SARA, dont think its fully available?
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Re: TV Call Display

1. You need to have call display as one of the options on your Rogers home phone service.

2. You go to channel 975 of a compatible Rogers box (Navigatr firmware) and choose the correct options there.

3. I don't believe you have to do anything with your phone itself.

4. It is not available on the new Ignite.