Rogers home phone service

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Rogers home phone service

I switched from Bell to Rogers last weekend June 4. I noticed a definite deteriation of sound quality.

My friends on the other end does not notice any thing different, but at my end, I hear a lot of hissing sound  or white noise that is quite annoying.

Is there anything I can do to resolve that issue?









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Re: Rogers home phone service

Hi @ny0918


Welcome to the Community Forums! Smiley Happy


Is your phone connected directly to the home phone adapter? Have you tried using a different phone?


Let us know and we can further assist!




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Re: Rogers home phone service

While i know it may seem silly, what Prasana said is a good thing to try.

If the phone is not connected directly to the modem, trying it that way, would eliminate any other issues with the connection between the modem and the rest of the outlets in the house.


I dont think there is any way to check from the user end.. but beyond that above, would be signal levels? Not sure if thats something the back end can check.

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Re: Rogers home phone service

I had the hissing/white noise issue when I was using a scientific Atlanta home phone adapter a couple years ago. Tech came to swap it out for an Arris unit and it's been crystal clear ever since. Maybe try asking Rogers for an Arris model if you have something different? Generally speaking, you should get slightly better sound quality with Rogers home phone compared to Bell POTS (using their traditional twisted pair copper).
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Re: Rogers home phone service

Static on home phone past couple of days


We have noticed an increase in static on the phone line, no matter which phone we use in the house.


have a pair of wireless sets and a corded set.


Not sure if dismal upload ( <1.6Mb) on my internet has any effect on home phone?

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Re: Rogers home phone service

@TECHHEAD : The internet is separate from home phone, however, the fact that you have issues there may point to a signal issue at your home or in your neighbourhood.  You probably need to call Rogers and have them check your signal and perhaps send a technician.

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Re: Rogers home phone service





Hopefully I'll have some time to call tomorrow.