Rogers Home Phone Suddenly Stops Working - Telephone 1 Flashing

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Re: Rogers Home Phone Suddenly Stops Working - Telephone 1 Flashing

1. Have you removed all of your devices (phones, fax, etc) from the various telephone jacks in your home?  If not, try that.


2. Is it possible there is something (like an alarm system) that is "hard wired" into the telephone block at/near the demarcation point?  For example, an alarm system will "grab" a line and you will not get a dialtone on a phone as long as the alarm system is communicating with the alarm company.  Once that communication is finished you get your dialtone back, but if something like that didn't "disconnect" properly then it could be the source of your issue.  Do you have anything hard wired like that?

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Re: Rogers Home Phone Suddenly Stops Working - Telephone 1 Flashing

@aboyaci wrote:

Now what happens is, anytime I connect a phone line directly or via a splitter from the phone modem "Telephone 1" jack to the wall jack, the "Telephone 1" lights on the modem flash, and there is no dial tone on any line. This was working for 16 years no problem, all of a sudden this stopped working.

It's really hard to say for sure what the problem could be without confirming the electrical state of all phone jacks, with just the Rogers modem connected directly to your in-home telephone wiring.  A direct connection.  No splitters, and no telephones or any other hardware connected to the telephone jacks.


I also double-checked Rogers' support article for troubleshooting common home phone issues.  Can you confirm that this is the status that you are seeing?  Tel1: solid green/flashing if the primary line is in use




When all telephones are on-hook or when no telephones are connected, the voltage measured between tip and ring should be around -48 volts DC.  When a telephone goes off-hook and closes the circuit, the measured voltage should drop to around -10 volts DC.  (I say "around" because some variance is normal, although with the modem (which provides battery and dial tone) directly connected to the in-home wiring, you typically see voltages that are close to spec.)


With no telephones connected, I would expect to see 48v.  If I see 10, something somewhere is creating a short.  It could be a bad cable, bad connector, bad something somewhere.  If I see anything other than expected voltages, higher or lower, it indicates a problem/fault and an invalid line state.


If the incoming Bell line is not disconnected INSIDE the home, then even if it is not connected to anything outside, it could develop a fault... and if water seeps in, that will also introduce a short in your line.



If your Rogers Home Phone works with a directly-connected telephone, the modem itself is fine.  If it stops working when connected to your in-home wiring, you will need to isolate and eliminate the fault... and it could be anywhere... and that will likely require the skills of a trained telephone technician.

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Re: Rogers Home Phone Suddenly Stops Working - Telephone 1 Flashing

I have an UPDATE on the situation of our Home Phone lines.


Previously I had noted that our home phone service had stopped working suddenly, with the home phone jacks not working, as the second that I attached a phone line to the home phone jacks, the Telephone 1 on the Rogers phone modem would start to flash.


The slight update change is, now when I attach a phone line to the home phone jack, the Telephone 1 no longer flashes, and I can attach splitters to that line to attach other phones that will work, however - the other phone jacks still do not work in and around the house.


We did nothing on our own to have the Telephone 1 flashing, to not flashing. Like how the phone lines stopped working on its own, this attachment to the home jacks not flashing anymore happened on its own.


I want to note as well, there was hydro lines being replaced on our street when the phone lines stop working initially reported. The hydro replacements are not fully complete yet, but it is in better shape now after 2 months. Still dont know how to have the home jacks to work again, so I can attach other hard wire phones around the house, but it seems like a very slight improvement.

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Re: Rogers Home Phone Suddenly Stops Working - Telephone 1 Flashing

Hi there.

so correct me if im wrong but the telephone line port on the rogers modem works and has a proper dial tone but when you connect it to the inside wiring of your house the remaining indoor phone jacks do not work or do not get a dial tone?

if your putting splitters on the tel1 port of the modem and it works, this means the phone line rogers is provisioned for your house is working up to the modem. The problem you are experiencing is very likely a problem with the inside wiring.

You mentioned a coincidence the inside wiring stopped working when there was work done on your hydro? this might be just coincidence, or somehow the hydro wires in your house may be shorting with the inside phone wires, this would be homeowner responsibility to fix not rogers, so maybe try hiring someone to fix it?