Question about Wireless Home Phone.

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Question about Wireless Home Phone.

I am moving away from Rogers Ignite coverage - I want Rogers wireless home phone but!

I am looking at the Rogers wireless home phone - I want to keep my rogers home phone number - so everyone can still contact me... But I also want to add a new number (Bobcaygeon) to the same home phone - so that when local people call me - they call local? Can this be done - and at what cost extra (I know the box is $69) + $20/month for 1st line. How do I add my old phone number - as well

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Re: Question about Wireless Home Phone.

your moving to Bobcaygeon? what area were u living in before? its possible rogers home phone will NOT allow a number from outside your area to be used in your home area, it defeats the purpose of landline and calling areas however im sure hundreds of voip providers allow this, including different area codes to the sane line, try vonage, voip-ms or magic jack to start. but you can go with anyone else t00