No dial tone :(

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Re: No dial tone :(

With your permission and expertise I would like to add to this:

I ERROR MESSAGE: "NO LINE" vs. "LINE IN USE". Despite arguing with the phone technicians at the toll-free number they saying both are the same and will not help diagnosing reason(S), IMO (and in my experience) there R different and do NOT meant the same thing.

"NO LINE" means NO connection available to line. I.E. if you unplug phone from jack in wall.

"LINE IN USE" means someone left the phone off the hook or one or MORE "members" of the phone network is defective and will NOT release the line.




III No on is perfect - I advise to CHECK and recheck the connections in case several were missed (and left unattached to any port - despite having a jack on the end. )

U never know and one could SAVE IMMENSE amount of time.


Thank you

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Re: No dial tone :(

second time NO dial tone again. Had called Rogers the first time this happened 2 weeks ago. They were to send someone. By next day miraculously it worked again before technician came?? Now its doing the same thing??? Why ROGERS????

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Re: No dial tone :(

Good morning @ferurizonly!


Welcome to our Community!


I, too have a landline at home for backup purposes so I'm well aware of how important that lifeline is. When this issue happened previously, did the tech come out regardless or was the appointment cancelled?


Either way, it sounds like we need to send out another tech. Please PM us @CommunityHelps so that I can get an appointment setup for you so we can get your dialtone back. If you're not familiar with our PMing process, you can find instructions here.