Ignite TV home phone voice mail indicators

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Re: Ignite TV home phone voice mail indicators

@57 wrote:

@bhoward57 : 1. Reboot the Rogers Modem?  2. Reboot your phone (usually unplug the base station for a while and replug if you have a cordless phone?)  3. Go into the Rogers phone main menu and make a change like de-activating voicemail and then re-activating?

If I do this "Go into the Rogers phone main menu and make a change like de-activating voicemail and then re-activating?" does it delete my greeting and all my saved VM?

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Re: Ignite TV home phone voice mail indicators

@seadooxp30 : I wouldn't think it would delete anything, but I honestly can't say for sure.  I believe there is an option to turn personal greeting on/off, perhaps that may do the trick.  Turning VM on/off is actually not accomplished from that menu.


Here's the link to turn VM on/off - it's different from going into the menu.




I would think that turning it on/off is not the same as removing the VM feature, which requires a call to Rogers and would likely delete messages...

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Re: Ignite TV home phone voice mail indicators

I have a similar problem.  Recently installed Rogers Ignite Home Phone.  The message waiting light won't go off.  I've gone into the *98 config menu and turned message waiting feature  "off" and then back "on".  The light stays on regardless and I get the quick beeps on all phones.  I even tried just pluging a single phone only into the Ignite box so that none of my other home phones are connected.  Same problem.  Nothing will clear the message waiting indicator.  Very annoying since the pre-Ignite Rogers phone box worked fine in this regard.  My first call to the Rogers technical team produced a "Oh, that's strange, I don't know what would cause that".  So any thoughts on what to do next?

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Re: Ignite TV home phone voice mail indicators

Hey @bksmith,


Assuming all the previously discussed steps have been taken, and you've checked this with an alternative phone set (not another phone within the same set), then I would definitely recommend reaching out to support either via phone, chat or us here @CommunityHelps so we run through some modem specific troubleshooting. My first instincts would either lead to the modem not filtering the MWI (Message Waiting Indicator) appropriately or that there's a cordless phone base answering machine causing the indicator appearing consistently. 


If the latter is possible, I definitely recommend ensuring it's been disabled, otherwise definitely check in with us and we can assist further Smiley Happy.

To contact Rogers via chat or phone information is available here: https://www.rogers.com/consumer/support/contactus

If you're not familiar with @CommunityHelps PMing process, you can find instructions here.


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