Home phone not working arris 502

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Home phone not working arris 502

Home phone suddenly stopped working,Internet and cable ok went through the ARRIS troubleshooting manual and everything looks okay. Reconnected everything performed a reset goes through the reset fine power light on,"DS"on and "US" flashing it looks like it's trying to poll online but then "US " goes out , the phone worked for about 10 minutes and then died again.



any help appreciated 




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Re: Home phone not working arris 502

Hi @Specialized,



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Have you tried a hard reset on the phone modem through the pin hole at the back?  Also can you make sure if the coax cable is securely fastened at the back of the modem?


Please keep us posted.




I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Home phone not working arris 502

I'm retired now but I used to work on networks for IBM, I just don't know if are 

modem is outdated or not. When I have had some issues before not related to this problem and being an old shaw customer,every time I called for help they 

would say oh your one of those customers. Is are equipment outdated or not ,if it 

is they should of told us when there was the switch from shaw to Rogers. If they 

are going to charge us for new equipment now I'm going to BELL. My wife works from home and needs reliable service,we never had this problem with SHAW or 

MOUNTAINCABLE. I have done everything by the manual and I only ask for help when I have exhausted all avenues.


       I'm sorry to express my situation but you pay so much to these

companies and all they care about is how much they make and yes I did a hard 


reset of the modem

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Re: Home phone not working arris 502

where can i find the pin hole on the modem- the phone has been working since yesterday- there is no line shows on display and no dial tone- i am very disappointed with rogers service for the phone

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Re: Home phone not working arris 502

I beleive, the reset button is beside the network (unused) port on the unit.



Obviously its hard to with that unit, but if you have a cell phone, etc, have you tried calling in? (just incase there is perhaps an outage in the area, etc).  Worse case they can always schedule a tech out.

I have had pretty good luck with my homephone.  I have only had one outage on the home phone is over 6 years.