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Re: Home phone installation

As a followup for anyone who has  two telephone lines in their home/business, here is some information on a product that allows you to segregate your telephone lines on a standard RJ11 jack. In my case, my Bell landline is wired as line 1 and my Rogers Home Phone is line 2.   With the  Ignite Modem, the  telephone line outputs to Line 1, when connected to your home's prewired RJ11 jacks. Since I already have a Bell landline assigned to Line 1, the Rogers Home Phone will try to connect on top of it and chances are that neither line will work.


The device I ordered online as a workaround  is called a "Two Line Telephone Splitter" . When plugged into a standard pre-wired RJ11, it provides individual access to L1 or L2 using a standard RJ11 male 2-wire telephone cord. It also has a jack for 2 line telephones (L1+L2) that are equipped with a standard 4-wire RJ12 male connector.  There are a wide variety of these devices offered on the Internet and my purchase cost me  less than $14CDN. If you live in or near a larger town/city, you may be able to pick up this item in an electronic center.


This is a much simpler solution than reverting to special wiring, and it allows you to retain the integrity of the standard RJ11 prewiring  throughout your home/business. There may be some instances, depending on your telephone set or base station configuration, where a second splitter unit is required.


I hope this information helps two line home/small business owners.





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Re: Home phone installation

This is great news it worked for you, but you must also learn, home phone wiring is not consistent from one house to another. in my cousins house, the jacks in the basement are not connected to the same wiring as the upstairs, because they used to rent it out to a tenant, so in his case this would not work it would not inject a rogers dial tone on the second pair if he bought this adaptor. the way the phone jacks are wired in the house is totally the home owners responsibility and not up to the phone company or companies. but good advice none the less