Home and Away Voicemail - Delayed Notifications

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Re: Home and Away Voicemail - Delayed Notifications

Thank you @Dugi and @ctothill for keeping up posted!


Hopefully the delay doesn't resurface again 🙂.






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Re: Home and Away Voicemail - Delayed Notifications

So far it's one time only, however, the delay appears to have resurfaced.  All my other e-mail notifications came right away last week, however, on Sunday night a friend left me a voicemail at 7:15PM and it didn't get to my inbox until 03:35AM, 8 hours later.  That's the time-stamp on Webmail. (The "sent" time was 7:15PM)  I saw the e-mail when I logged into Outlook this morning. Here's hoping this is a one-off.


(I did pick up the VM via my phone at around 9PM and deleted it, so it showed on my phone, but the e-mail was definitely delayed. I checked my e-mails around midnight too and it wasn't there and I remembered this thread.)