Home Phone usage.

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Home Phone usage.

I just want to know how someone used my home phone????

Rogers Employee ShakTiburon
Rogers Employee
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Re:Home Phone usage.

Hello, Welcome to the community!

How do you mean? Someone used your homephone?

The only way to use your homephone is to physically be able connect a phone to one of your phone line jacks and use the phone to make a call / receive a call.

The question is very vague but give us some more details and we can help you out!



Edit: Just to add, if you are trying to figure out if someone did use your phone, as you want to see usage. You can always check your bill and it will show you if any calls were made on HomePhone. If you got charged for it ("Overages"), a detail breakdown will be on the following page.


If you just want to find out for current cycle, you can always call customer service and they can help you find more information about your usage.


But if someone physically used the phone or not, there really isn't a way. No one can "hack into" your phone... but I will wait for your to respond and give me clarity on what you are seeking in regards to your concern! 🙂



I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Re:Home Phone usage.

Is OK, yesterday I called Rogers direct, apparently some customers have the same problem as mine .

The hackers even used the cellphone numbers. I think is a fraud, Rogers told me just hang up .


Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Re:Home Phone usage.

Ah, ok, i get what you are talking about now.

Someone else out there... received a call, from YOUR number (or what showed up on their caller ID as your number), which wasnt you.

You dont have to worry about the phone or service being hacked, etc.

What this is, is that many companies are able to SPOOF or FAKE the outgoing caller ID number that is called out.
They call with whatever their JUNK they are trying to do.. and they FAKE numbers.. to help hide whatever their real number is... as well, the new trick lately.. is that they try to use a phone number which is LOCAL to your own number.. so you are more likely to pick up thinking up its someone you  know in the area.

I'm a Trusted Contributor
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Re: Re:Home Phone usage.

What it also could be is what happened to us last week. We received a phone call on our home phone from our own number - at least that is what displayed on our screen. My wife just looked at the last name quickly (the phone is in her name) and assumed it was her brother and answered it. It was some some kind of credit card scam and it was obvious that they were spoofing our own phone number. 

Rogers Employee ShakTiburon
Rogers Employee
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Re: Re:Home Phone usage.

Ah, Spoofers.

Yeah, I have got calls on my cellphone with them using my first 3 numbers. So it looks local and you kind of get 'interested' in answering.

My Home phone has blocked "unknown" so they use my own number. Since my homephone is for my mother, she doesn't answer a call coming from me unless its my cell to her cell. Since I don't call home phone and the service is under my name, its easily avoided.

But man these companies are overseas and they don't follow "do not call" listings.
They say "we have special amendments" when you tell them that. It's frustrating at the least...

Glad it got resolved though mate, or atleast cleared up! Woot!
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Re:Home Phone usage.

this doesn't only happen with Rogers - I'm with Bell (thinking of switching  though 🙂 )  and I get these calls as well. I never answer, so you would think that they would get the hint!


I've Been Around
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Re: Home Phone usage.

is there a way of logging on to my account and see the current home phone usage? I make LD calls that are not in any of the plans and want to see what I have spent. Simular to internet usage. Calling Rogers does not give details. Any suggestions?

Retired Moderator RogersAliciaG
Retired Moderator
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Re: Home Phone usage.




I can relate your concern over home phone usage, I often lose track of my home phone usage. 


Unfortunately  at this time we do not have an online usage tool that will provide detailed information on your month to date home phone usage. Smiley Sad


Any information we have about your usage isn't processed and validated until the end of the bill cycle. 

We’re constantly looking to provide more self-serve options for our customers on rogers.com.

We have implemented this functionality for other products and are looking to add new self-service options for our Rogers home phone services as they become available.


Thank you