Does rogers home phone support fax and home alarms?

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Re: Does rogers home phone support fax and home alarms?

@RogersLaura wrote:

Hey @Pauly,


Thanks for that! I wasn't entirely sure if Distinctive Ring was a requirement or just a helpful add-on. I appreciate you clearing that up! I shall edit my post accordingly. 👍 


Any ideas why @MyAxman's faxes wouldn't be working properly? Any insight or advice you can provide would be awesome! 😊


Kind regards,


I can confirm that the Ignite Home Phone service works with my monitored alarm system.  I haven't tested Fax but I know from experience that it can be tricky to get Fax working over VoIP.  Fax is sensitive to latency/jitter and if you use a lower-bitrate voice CODEC that employs compression, it will make fax transmission impossible.


In enterprise IP telephony environments, you typically need to configure the analog voice port to support T.38 on the line.  Fax can also work over G.711 but even if you are using a high-bandwidth/high fidelity codec, you also might need to adjust/tune/disable echo cancellation and/or voice activity detection when you provision the port.  (This is the technical side of things.  We, obviously, have no control over how the XB6 is provisioned.)


I have also seen conflicting information as to whether Fax is supported on Ignite Home Phone.  An article comparing Rogers voice services says that it is.  The legalese in (click "See Full Details" at the bottom of the page) says that using the service for Fax is prohibited.


4. For direct dialled conversations or voice messages to Canadian numbers only, based on a total of 44,650 minutes available in a month. Chat lines, data, fax and/or long distance calls made using call forwarding and three-way calling features are prohibited.


Technically, Fax may or may not work depending on how you have the service provisioned.


If Fax does work and you want to be able to receive faxes, you'll need to work around incoming calls going to voice mail.  Through MyRogers, you can configure calls to go to voicemail after 8 rings and then configure the fax machine to pick up on the 6th ring.