Does Rogers support conditional call forwarding ?

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Does Rogers support conditional call forwarding ?

Hey everyone, Just wanted to ask since I've been getting mixed answers but does anyone know if rogers supports conditional call forwarding ? I want to enable call forwarding if my phone is unreachable but the rep I spoke to insisted they only support forwarding all calls and I would need to disable my voicemail completely, Was hoping someone here knew since this sounds a bit ridiculous. Thanks


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Re: Does Rogers support conditional call forwarding ?

according to This article from their web site, it looks like they do, but this could be different for wireless home phone vs cable home phone so please tell us which one you have

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Re: Does Rogers support conditional call forwarding ?

From the following link, it appears you cannot have Home & Away voicemail (or regular voicemail?) and utilize Call Forwarding.  Yes, it certainly is confusing, but it appears that voicemail is the issue, also outlined as a condition in the link in the post above:


Forward All My Calls - Forward your calls to an alternate number when you’re away from your home phone.


Forward Friends & Family Calls - Set up a list of friends and family contacts, and forward calls from the list to your mobile phone or office line.


Forward Busy & Unanswered Calls  - Whenever your home phone line is busy or nobody picks up, incoming calls will be forwarded to a number of your choosing.


Keep in mind: This feature is only available if you don’t subscribe to Home & Away voicemail.

The way I read it, you can't have voicemail and call forwarding at the same time.