Caller ID on home phone not showing

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Caller ID on home phone not showing

How come whenever I call my cell phone from our home phone line our home telephone number comes up as unknown and doesn't display our telephone number or caller id information?

Is it turned off, if so how do I turn it back on?


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Re: Caller ID on home phone not showing



Good Afternoon @HogWildMark,


It sounds like you have the Call Display Blocking feature turned on. This feature will block your name and number when you are calling someone.


You can remove it temporarily if there is a specific number that you are calling that you would like to have your name and number show up for. You can do this by dialing *82 before the number you are calling. 


If you would like this feature permanently disabled, please send us a private message via @CommunityHelps, and we can access your account and disable the feature.