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Re: Suggestion for Improvement

@BS Nothing wrong with "lurking", it just applies to someone who reads a lot more than they write, if at all. Smiley Wink

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Re: Suggestion for Improvement

Note the automatic message below.   It makes me wonder about the feedback mechanisms of this forum as well as how to get to the "Rogers Community Forum Team" to address your specific issue.

I didn't see anything acknowledging my suggestion to improve the structure, although I did get a response from RogersDarell in the Farwell to RogersMargaret  post when I first asked about making some taxonomy improvements to this site.  This kind of automatic follow-up is symptomatic of the problem when trying to suggest improvements. I still think the forum structure is messy and convoluted, making it quite difficult for people to quickly find the information they need.  I am also wondering who on the Forums Team is wondering if I received an answer.  Smiley Wink


Let the Rogers Community Forums know if you have received the answer you needed.


Hi User14,


Just wondering if you had received the answer you needed. If so, you should let the Rogers Community Forums know so that the answer can help other members.

Need to check? See the thread:

The Rogers Community Forums Team

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Re: Suggestion for Improvement

Hey guys,


I apologize for the delay in some of the responses. Rest assure to know that all feedback provided is logged and looked into as we continue to improve the Rogers Community Forums. Some ideas take longer to action, while some are not possible at a given time, etc. There are many deciding factors such as limitations, execution, etc when determining what can or cannot be done. 


@User14,  are you still encountering the PM error message? We had a fix implemented awhile back that should've resolved it. If you continue to encounter, please send us a PM with a screenshot attached so we can troubleshoot with Lithium.


@57, you can continue posting your feedback in this specific board. We created the Community Questions & Suggestions board solely to help improve the overall Community experience.


Thank you again for everyone's support!