Signing into Community Forums is a pain

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Re: Signing into Community Forums is a pain

I think these various threads point out that from an engineering and program implementation, that Rogers has some serious flaws in the designs that are impacting the user experience - the last thing any company ever wants to do if they care about customer experience.  But I will leave that discussion alone, programming and the customer experience has been designed before.


Just to dabble a little bit with single point of log in, I created a Facebook account, joined a couple of services and groups to the service, then created a few blog forums accesses, then single point of logon's for new Google and Yahoo accounts, as well as trying other browsers.  With none of these providers, and they all provide linkages to API's from each company for login, as well within products and services in their own companies.  I did not run into one captcha in the process, so they must be using other methods - Yahoo groups uses the I'm am not a Robot captch.  Only necessary for me to be challenged on the first try.  Haven't tried other browsers.  Will later on.


But my point, is there are so many examples of single point logins that do not infuriate the users trying to log in, and captchas that function.  I just tried Opera and I got caught in the endless loop as it wouldn't release the stored log in. I had to poke around and finally got the option to log out and when I did so, it allowed me to log in with one captch.  guess it is still learning, but that endless loop was an absolute pain.  Opera uses by default a VPN to protect agains KRACK on unprotected devices, and also for higher level of security - it means Rogers and other sites between don't have access to our IP and all traffic is encrypted, even the Rogers forums which still have undsecure features - it is not an HTTPS site fully.


So I think all we are asking for is the company to take more time in these implementations and test them more broadly with a wide base of users, and when clearly a group of users are getting the same issues, then how about assign an engineer and higher members of the team to deep dive the code and issues and try to replicate.  I am sure any of us hear reporting these issues would be more than will to work closely with them.


It is important that this is the first point of contact and this type of operating technical behaviour will imediately set the companmy up for a poor customer experience and then anything else that happens just piles on.


If we can't approach one of your primary support forums predictably or access our accounts reliability, you are going to annoy customers, and every other frustration that follows can not turn back that initial feeling, if it is reporte, repetetive, unpredictable, and ongoing.


So I do hope Rogers get this fixed soon.


As an interesting point, anyone who would be interested in what code platforms, tracking platforms, etc are running, etc, install Wappalyzer at  This is an add-on for Chrome and shows all known platforms, java company models, etc running on the website, and you can go to their websites and see what they are typically used for.


Rogers on their main site is using


And that is just the front end non-customer shopping and marketing page.
As you go to the login, you get diffferent ones, and so on as you move through.
The webpages are complex and each of these technologies of javascript have their own requirements of what Javascript modules and companies they will work with.  You can't just plug in the new companies and not review all existing java script without determining what is compatable and what changes must be made.
My point - is that Rogers, you have a problem, it is well reported, and people are getting frustrated, and some of these are your Resident experts and others like myself who have committed to commenting and helping improve services and questioning when we may not agree, and educating people who are frustrated with a customer experience to move forward.
When you consider how much information comes from us, who well we can direct and calm down an upset person directing to them, clarifying why a problem exists and using our skills to identify how to improve it, whether it be programming, customer service issues, modem issues, speed isues, the list goes on, the last people you want to make the activity difficult is to those of us who use the site the most, but on a basic level, no person should have to go through that expreience.  
Whatever happened to the new CEO from telus and his committment to end to end customer experience.
This is the front door, the automated systems that slow us from getting us to real people when we need them, and this logging in issue are your front door to the customer and it should be a priority to meet those points with close to 100% success.
As my project management andmanagement courses always said, the points of failure that can kill a company are at the first contact, at the door or the phone, or online first contact (i.e., the face of the first contact). and the shipper who puts it on the truck and now these days, the tracking of that shipment, as a company can say once they hand it off to UPS for example, it is not their problem - not so, UPS is accountable to the company, not the customer, and the transaction does not end until successful receipt of a fully functioning service as expected.  Every person or system that touches the customer experience is critical and every concern should be dealt with in a timely way.
Just my view - and I feel very sorry for those posting in these threads at the moment.
Bottom line - get it fixed.
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Re: Signing into Community Forums is a pain

Two thumbs up Bruce!  What is it they say, KISS, keep it simple s.....  Ya know what I mean.

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Re: Signing into Community Forums is a pain

@BS wrote:
Bottom line - get it fixed.

To take a page from Datalink's suggested   KISS system .   Suck it up . This is Rogers  .  We have been having issues with this for years now . Are they going to fix it ? 

It's just the way it is here ...time to stop head banging and either buy a new mouse when the clicker wears out  or move on  to pastures where you feel more respect and appreciation . Smiley Sad


I just realized  that when I am logged in here lately and switching pages my computer starts to  twitch .... jump a page ....maybe it's an allergic reaction developing .  Smiley Wink

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Re: Signing into Community Forums is a pain

I too have ongoing problems with signing in to both My Rogers and Community Forums.  

Usually the only way to sign into the CF is through a link in an email, which I really don’t like doing. Clicking on email links is not very secure.

Unsuccessful signing in directly,  either makes the web page flutter, jumps up and down so fast and the only way to stop it is to close the tab.

When I am able to get to sign in or just before, the CAPTCHA is very fussy and besides not being able to really see clearly which boxes have cars or store fronts or buses or street lights, ( and I’ve resorted to using a magnifying glass lol), takes forever for ‘it’ to believe I am actually a real human person.

If I am really lucky I can  eventually sign into My Rogers but then my luck runs out when I go to  the CF. 

I try and try but CF log in is not responsive.

And all this signing in issues is on my laptop and I am at home. 

I’ve tried clearing cookies, rebooting etc., and still no luck.

To bad there isn’t (as far as I know) an option in the menu for tech support that deals with these type of sign in issues, when calling into Rogers.

I think Presto has this kind of option.

I look forward to being able to sign in without problem ...hope it gets fixed soon!




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