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Good evening, I'm a rogers client and in addition I'm student of business administration in centennial college. I'm working on an assignment where I have to make a report about rogers.


I have two questions that have being impossible to me to get in the web or in the college library. 


What is considered the Product or service "Utility" of rogers and how is rogers approach to the market segmentation in their Consumer-driven Marketing strategy.


I have to make a 10 paragraph essay about those two questions, so any help or suggestions about those two questions would be really appreaciated.

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Re: Products

Hey @Mialmeri,


Thank you for posting and welcome to the Rogers Community Forums.


Essays are definitely not my personal forte but I can try and hook you up with some resources 🙂


Have a look here and see if the information proves to be helpful: 




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Re: Products



Sounds like an interesting project - personally I haven't written a paper in over a decade, but I do know how challenging it can be to dig to find what you want.


Here are a couple of sites that may help


Financial Statements


This is third quarter for 2017 -


Past ones are all available to other quarters and years - just search Rogers financial statements and put in a year.


You can see the reported trends and directions to shareholders for each quarter and that may give you food for thought.


Also try this site for investor relations:


Also connected rogers is an online magazine that has lots of information, and also look at the


A general search of product or service utility rogers canada returned articles from Newsline.  And as odd as this may seem, take a look at Wikipidea - not a great primary source, but it has some of the references, I just gave, and a bit of a flavour for all their services.



Best of luck