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Polls & Surveys

Does Community Forums have the ability to do Polls and Surveys? I have not found any way for users to start one, like on other boards, but maybe Moderators have that capability.


In view of survey results published by Rogers showing that most customers are quite satisfied with Navigatr, I would love to see an unbiased survey of Community Forums users on how satisfied they are. By unbiased, I mean the questions aren't tailored to produce a specific desired result.


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Re: Polls & Surveys



Good suggestion. I do not know of any feature to start a poll or survey. We extract the data we need from the threads and posts.




I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: Polls & Surveys

Would you be willing to share the data in statistical form?

SA8300HD, SA8300SD, DTA50, LG-E410B PayGo. Location: S-W Ontario
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Re: Polls & Surveys


We track things like activity within the community - members, posts, likes, solutions ... that kind of thing.

We don't have the capability to survey forum users as per your suggestion.