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I Plan to Stick Around
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Extremely slow communityforum website

W need to create focus on user friendly communication channels for Rogers.
Of customers have a good aftertaste when dealing with a problem, they will tell their friends and more customers will appear.

Smartphones are the communication vehicle NOW and for the near future.
Rogers needs to ensure their websites are efficacy and user friendly. Right now, they (all Rogers websites) need significant improvement.
To advise users to try other browsers or any other technical alternative, is not the correct approach.
S concerned customers, we need to look for ways to encourage Rogers to focus on this customer support problem.

Community forum members can only suggest alternatives within Rogers offerings and suggest things based on their experiences.
We (Rogers customers) need more. And hopefully mgmt and tech supp is watching and listening.

Pls indicate your concerns with this forum's technical makeup and usefulness to you as a customer.
Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Extremely slow communityforum website

Just to point out, the Rogers Forum software is provided by and / or run by Lithium, so, any critique might be better placed if it was aimed at Lithium.  All depends on whether or not there may have been any forum software updates recently, or, if its just a matter that the Rogers server, and several other servers are running slow.  @RogersRoland was looking after these issues but I'm not sure if he's around anymore.  


If you run IpvFoo, you can see the various sites that provide input to the forum, so, there is a chance that its not specifically a Rogers issue with the forum running slow.  Here's the output of IpvFoo.  In my case I have IPV6 disabled:


Rogers Forum Web site component suppliers.png

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Extremely slow communityforum website

I just completed a response and, when I pressed Post, it indicated the page was not found and i lost everything i had typed.

Just another reason i indicated this website is not helpful, friendly or useful to Rogers customers.

I now must copy my text every few lines, to ensure i don't lose it.


Let's not get technical with responses to concerns. The average Rogers customer wouldn't understand or want to take the time to investigate.


From a customer perspective, this forum is owned by Rogers and Rogers has decided it is not worth investing in improvements.


If Rogers is interested, they would be reviewing customer concerns on the forum or expecting a summary from the forum support people.


Rogers is a communications company and is expected to be effective in communicating with its customers.


This is not effective communication.


I am curious what other customer think...if they can locates this topic.

I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: Extremely slow communityforum website

@cwrbI take it you do all your Internet access with your cellphone. I don't know if that's the norm now, but I most certainly wouldn'r want to do it on a small handheld device with a 3" screen. I don't have any stats on how people use the Internet, but it looks like more and more people are accessing with cellphones. While I certainly support making smartphone access and browsing easy, I hate seeing stuff totally geared to the tiny vertical screens. The preponderance of those awful vertical videos is a good example.


vert vid.jpg

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I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 87

Re: Extremely slow communityforum website

Just to make everyone aware, I have shared my concern with the president's office (as I have in the past with success).
Will update the forum, with any progress.
I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 87

Re: Extremely slow communityforum website

What is happening with this community forum website?
When I respond to a forum email, I am taken to the item...but after that I am lost.

1.it asks me to input my userid/password which seems to take forever.
2. I make a response and I am then taken somewhere else where I can't locate the question I responded to.
3. I have no idea whee to go next.

This is stupid and a ridiculous forum supp vehicle.

Rogers, get your smartphone community forum support in order!

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Extremely slow communityforum website

Hello:  Many of us hang around this forum a lot. Although it's not the fastest in the world, it is usually quite adequate.  I'm not sure if there's something specific to your device or location or browser that is causing you problems with speed.  Perhaps you could try a different device or a different location or different browser to see if you have a hardware, location, software, firmware problem.


As for using the forum, perhaps the following link will be useful.  Usually before posting it's a good idea to navigate around the forum for a while (called lurking) or search for specific items.




When you click on an e-mail link, you may end up in different places depending on what the e-mail is about. For example, it can be about someone mentioning you, or that you have a PM, etc.  What you do then depends on where you end up.


You may wish to configure your profile, settings, subscriptions, etc by clicking on your icon at the top-right of the screen after you've logged in.

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