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Re: device protection brightstar

Why did Rogers convince me to pay for this service? They don't do anything.
I pay for the top tier plan and to fix a crack on the glass, they charge me more than going to Samsung directly.
Even if I walk in to the store they force me to use, I pay less if I get the repair done without using the plan.
The guy from Brightstar said it's like car insurance, it's usually cheaper to get it fixed without using your insurance.
Nice one Rogers!!! So much for my first claim free!
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Re: device protection brightstar

Brightstar DISASTER
This has been the worst experience I've ever had with a service. I've been a Rogers customer since I was able to have my own cellphone in 2008. But this is it for me.
I've been paying for my Samsung Note 8's device protection since I purchased it on its release day. I had replaced it once due to breaking it and at the end of August I had cracked my screen and decided to use the free repair to have it fixed.
I received a package from Brightstar a few days after filing the service request; in it was a Samsung Tab A and a package to send my phone to them in. I did so that day. However, I did not want to risk damaging the tablet assuming it was a loaner to use until my phone was fixed. To this day, it is still in the box it came in completely unused. Thinking it would only be a little while until my phone was sent back to me, I put my sim card in an old phone and used that.

Weeks went by and I heard nothing from BrightStar. I mailed them, received single replies after 3-4 days.. usually on a Thursday, then the weekend would hit and I would hear nothing. So I would e-mail back, speak to someone entirely different.. Each time I called or e-mailed, I would deal with someone entirely new who could not resolve my problem.. then told to check back in in a few days, and the cycle would repeat.
So I call them. I explain to them that I am waiting for my phone repair. And this is where it gets awful: They tell me that the tablet that was sent to me was a replacement for my service request and that I had allegedly taken out a service request for a Tablet, not my exponentially more expensive Note 8. The time I had been waiting for my phone to be returned, they were thinking the service request was complete. Where my phone is? I don't think anyone has any idea.  I even went into my Rogers store and they called them on my behalf; they experienced the same run-around.
They tell me that I filled out a service request for a tablet. This makes no sense because even to this day, my enrolled devices on BrightStar are two Samsung Note 8's. There is no tablet on there. I have never paid for tablet service protection. I do not even own a tablet. I was also not charged for a replacement, which usually a $100 deductible is taken when you receive a replacement device.
To file a service request, you have to go onto your account with BrightStar, select the device, and fill out a description of what happened. This means I would have had to select the wrong device that isn't even on my account, fill out an incorrect description of the device that needed to be repaired, and select that I wanted a replacement instead of a repair - which means I would have had to go 0/3 for the service request I wanted. I do not believe that happened. I believe they made a mistake and are now trying to screw me out of my device.
I called again today and they told me that I should have rejected the delivery when the tablet arrived as if I should have known that it was not my phone in the package and that they were making this mistake. They told me that any device that is shipped to them becomes the property of Bright Star. I told them that seems criminal when all I want to do is send them back this unused tablet and get my phone back. As mentioned above, I have no tablet enrolled on my Bright Star account. I have never signed up for or paid for device protection for any tablet.
They then told me they would call me back in 20 minutes. It has been two hours and I imagine I will not be receiving that callback. At this point, it has been a month and a half of dealing with this. I am still having to pay for my Rogers bill which includes paying them device protection. I have nothing left to do but cancel my plan as I am not on a contract and go somewhere else.
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Re: device protection brightstar

Man, agreed they are disaster. I purchased my iphone XS and my wife's iphone XS from Rogers after paying almost one year on last boxing day my wife lost her purse along with both of our phones as they were inside the purse. I filed a complain they sent me only my wife's phone and after one and half month at least five to six calls every week they sent me broken iphone 8. I called them and informed them that it wasnt the iphone that i was paying for after two three calls someone from their call center informed me that your initial service request was closed as i accepted phone. If you wouldnt have accepted the parcel then they could have sent me another phone. Parcel came via fed ex and the guy gave it to my cousin who happened to visit me us on that day and how are we supposed to know which phone's gonna be inside the box without even opening it and to open it we have to accept it. After a few calls, someone from their end requested me to file another service request which i did whereby i had to return my old iphone 8 and once they receive the phone they will send me the correct phone that's what i was told at that time. it's been more than 8 months i havent received any phone and they lefte a voicemail saying i defraud them ad the phone i returned them was in working condition and yet i returned it. The very next moment i hear that voicemail, I called rogers and cancel all of my services; 8 business phones, two business internet connection, one home internet connection, one home monitoring system, three home phones, ignite TV box and mine and my wife mobility connection. Because of brightstar, Rogers is loosing my business (almost 1500$ a month).

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Re: device protection brightstar

I have lost my iPhone XR few days ago and I submitted a service request to get a new iPhone under my Protection plan.

But when I uploaded the documents ( Driver Licence, Work Permit and Service request form), they were asking for a utility bill. But our all the utility bills are on my husband's name how am I gonna get one for my self?


I explain my situation to them a lot of times but they are kept on asking for utility bill which I don't have it.


I am so done will Rogers and your service are way below expectation.


I'm without my phone for almost 10 days and If this doesn't resolve within next week I'm gonna cancel out my services with Rogers.


 And I will not recommend Rogers and Protection Plan to anyone else. As it's USELESS.

There is no point in getting a Protection Plan if they can't help you when you lost your phone.

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Re: device protection brightstar

Tagging @CommunityHelps, see if they are able to look into it for you.

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Re: device protection brightstar

Hello @ISH02,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and congrats on your first post! 😊


I can definitely understand the inconvenience of not having access to a cellphone. Especially in this day and age where we rely heavily on our wireless devices for so many things!! 😧


It is normal for Brightstar to request certain information before you are approved for the device replacement. In order to help in the prevention of fraud, they may ask for the following within 60 days from the date of the request:


    • Acceptable proof of identification (i.e. government-issued photo ID or other documentation)
    • Proof of purchase for the protected device
    • Proof of Address
    • Student Verification Document (if the customer is a student and cannot provide a utility bill or POA). 


By any chance, are you able to have your name added to any of your existing utility bills? If not, and you are unable to provide proof of address, you can ask the Brightstar team if there are any additional options available or request that they escalate the matter to see if an exception can be made.


If you have tried all of these avenues and still haven't made any leeway, you may send us a Private Message @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. We really want to help you get this matter resolved as your business is extremely valuable to us!


For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please CLICK HERE.


Kind regards,


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Re: device protection brightstar

I set up device protection through Rogers with Brightstar and went to a mobile Klinik where the piece for my phone was ordered in but when I called Brightstar they told me that store was not allowed to fix my phone because of how new it was even though that store already had the parts. When I called back they told me I have 60 days to mail my phone in to get fixed or I wouldn't be able to open another claim for this issue. I asked what was I supposed to do without a phone for a week because my phone like many others is used for my business. Brightstar's response: ya that's not our issue. So now my option are have a cracked phone or lose money. (Doesn't help I just paid $500 to Rogers 3 days for this phone before it cracked . Brightstar and frankly the fact Rogers is even afflicted with this horrible company blows my mind.
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Re: device protection brightstar

Brightstar device Protection is absolutely a scam.


I had recently lost my Iphone XS and when I applied for a replacement device, brightstar said I have to pay around 452$including tax.


I being a customer to them was clueless why they increased the price which was around 170$ initially while I signed the agreement, so I asked them why is there is an increase in price, they told me that there was a change in the agreements and surprisingly I was not informed about this at all, so they told me in one of the bills on the side you can find the details.


I would clap if my hand wasnt busy. 


Firstly Rogers prompts us to set up a preauthorization to the bills, so that we wont look at the bills.


Secondly, Rogers will ask us to sign a detailed document while selling brightstar but when the agreement changes it cares least to inform to its customers about the change in the agreements.


Thirdly, if they change the agreement in future we will be unaware for sure because no one will go through the entire bill  if we have a standard amount to pay and we can expect more surprises in future.


If Rogers or Brightstar did care about their customers,  they would send us a detailed email about the change in the agreements that or the prices which customers need to verify and process if they like.


They simply made sure no one sees the changes until someone is at loss, this is not protecting ciustomers , this is stripping the customers of their money.


Guys have some shame, if I knew that the peices of the premiums have increased I would unsubscribe the device protection right away. You simply stole my money I would say.


I am sure no one cares about this post but everyone will once they find themselves in my place.


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Re: device protection brightstar

Device protection from brightstar is a scam they dont know what they are doing I think
They have asked a ton of documents from me after I lost my phone which took me over 3 weeks to upload because I dont have everything ready for them which is fine but after I have uploaded the documents they addes more documents to upload and they want me to upload one more proof of address I dont know why I called them they said its system generated we cant do something but the thing is I dont have more documents how can I upload more documents if I dont have it I explained my situation to them but they dont understand it, they are doing this intentially to waste my time and get it over 60 days..... beliave me dont ever do insurance from here its a scam to be honest
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Re: device protection brightstar

This company is terrible! I agree with almost every comment. Specially the serving members not being covered? That’s exactly what insurance is for.