What new tech are you waiting for this year?

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Rogers Employee ShakTiburon
Rogers Employee
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What new tech are you waiting for this year?

Alright Guys,


2016 is here and everyone is settled in - So I gotta ask;

What are you waiting for this year in Tech?


I personally have the question running in my head VR or AR headset? And which one would I want.


VR: Virtual Reality.

AR: Augumented Reality.


Everyone has different opinion on how VR and AR are interchangable terms or can be within each other, but to set the record straight.

VR is immersion. AR isn't. 


Example: Oculus Rift is VR as you dive into another virtual space & Microsoft HoloLens is AR because objects "pop-in" on the user's physical enviroment / space.


OR.jpg Oculus Rift - VR


a67d3d33-e1e5-4cf7-bf3d-dbe1befc8d8c.0.jpg HoloLens - AR


I personally want Oculus Rift (OR) or Similar (Sony Morpheus?) and some sort of MechWarrior / Space Battle game. Muahahaha


O___O thoughts anyone? I know there are alot of guys here who are gamers, so they would have something to say.

But I would like to hear things outside of that as well. Practical use (which Microsoft has marketed towards corporation use for HoloLens)

HoloLens practically is a PC replacement, since it is to run Windows 10 dedicated.


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(If I missed someone as a 'Mention' do apologize)

This is open for anyone of course, I just tagged people so I can have this convo started 😄


-- What Tech are you looking forward to this year? Something cooler than a VR/AR?!
I gotta know! ^__^

Retired Moderator RogersHassam
Retired Moderator
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Re: What new tech are you waiting for this year?

Hey @ShakTiburon,


Both look amazing :).  I've mostly just been following HoloLens and saw a few videos. 



Community Manager
Community Manager
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Re: What new tech are you waiting for this year?

I personally feel that the true leaps and bounds of how we advance our daily lives with technology will be accomplished via Augmented Reality.


Imagine a 'Personal Assistant' like from the movie "Her" but expressed via AR?


To me that's a life changing piece of technology.

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: What new tech are you waiting for this year?

I would say more generally an AR.. at least partially.

I am not expecting a whole room, see everything type one quite yet..

But would like more connected fully environment...  the microsoft table type stuff.

With some of the display capabilities comming up... creating HUD type things in car windows to show the speed there.

That you can have it built into windows, mirrors, etc.  To be able to be brushing your teeth and shaving, and have it playing the news in the top corrner of the mirror, etc.

Rogers Employee ShakTiburon
Rogers Employee
Posts: 992

Re: What new tech are you waiting for this year?

@RogersHassam GUILTY for not tagging you >__< - and Their 'trailers' look amazing but exaggeration on how it looks. (lol Video editing has come a long way haha)


@RogersDarrell ooh HER i never watched it. I should probably find it and watch it today! Heard good things about it.

I think AR would be a more useful technology and hopefully excels heavily in few years and not decades; since VR is more entertainment based and Holograms aren't going to be something I see happening for a long while (which is also more AR related)


@Gdkitty What do you mean you aren't expecting a whole room? Oh you mean like what is augumented? I kind of wish they added camera and IR sensors on both sides of glasses (unless they have and I don't know) to detect everything around, shape, size, distance... though privacy would be a concern (where does that data go lol)


I am a big fan of HUD display, and want to retro-fit that on my car eventually, give it new life.

Mirrors having display built in. Since that is already done. Even if it isn't augumented, I would prefer displays to be everywhere. Infact, I would prefer home sensor (like iRobot) knowing where the person is and in which room to direct the video feed and aux power and supply content accordingly... unless you know the mainframe wants to kill you like in the movie...*ahem* getting off topic here haha


My other hopefullness is the utilization of smartphone AS a PC rather than just a small GUI that iOS, Android are.

Like what Microsoft is doing with their contunium. I believe Motorola Atrix did this way back and get it more involved with AR or VR but not like Samsung VR. Strapping the phone to my face feels ... odd. (though I am a samsung fan).

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: What new tech are you waiting for this year?

I know i have seen concept stuff for the mobile as PC stuff.. but never taken off.

I am suprised that APPLE hasnt done it.  Have you actually seen the INNARDS of the latest macbook air?  The actuall COMPUTER parts of it, are not really any biger than a phone.

Making a unified OS across platforms (kind of what MS is trying to do).. and that the one device can do all.. take your phone and Attach it into the BASE, which gives full keyboard and screen, etc.

Rogers Employee ShakTiburon
Rogers Employee
Posts: 992

Re: What new tech are you waiting for this year?

Realistically speaking.

Apple with join the party late. After seeing what they can do to market the already available product (for 2 or 3 years) and call it INNOVATION.


So I'm sure if this takes off by the hardwork of all other companies, apple will jump in. Because it's Apple. Nothing new. lol

Rogers Employee lockdown2341
Rogers Employee
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Re: What new tech are you waiting for this year?

I'm not really that much of a big tech guy. I don't have the latest and greatest stuff, just what works. I mean heck, my first smartphone was a Samsung Galaxy 551, then I upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and still have it.


The Oculus Rift seems cool but I'm not a big VR guy so it doesn't really peak my interest too much. AR, meh, I can take it or leave it. I know there is supposed to be a mobile Pokemon game coming to smartphones called "Pokemon Go" which uses AR on your surroundings to put Pokemon in it, which is a cool idea (even though I don't really play Pokemon). All the big fancy tech gadgets? No interest from me.


There is one thing I'm interested in, but I'm not sure if it is even out this year.  I know Nintendo is working on their next console called the "NX" so I'd be interested in checking that out, since I didn't bother with their "Wii U" console.

I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: What new tech are you waiting for this year?

I only have a request or an interest for a couple of things - I so want to see the common platform that Microsoft has brought out, but currently is struggling because of poor uptake of the phone side of things - one device for all would be great.


But most importantly, I want the industry to slow down, just a bit and get what it has out there working reliably, and begin to put more money into fully testing technology before taking it public.  But I worked in technology for decades, and to be honest, it was a job, I was good at it, stayed up on top of it, but also ways had an a beliefe that if it didn't make our lifes more efficient, or entertaining, then I had not use for it.  I have no use for virtual reality, I prefer the real world, I would like to see less gimmicks in our cars, as we have enough distractions there already, except for safety features, and a basic tablet would do me fine.


In my world, technology involves vision, mental health, wheel chairs and adaptive devices for some relatives, etc. Would love to see less emphasis on technology for the material world and more to make our world better.


Don't mean to rain on the parade, but when you get to this time in your life and you have a family where 6 people are physically handicapped and need technological innovation for their accommodations, rather than still using 60 year old technology of basic wheel chairs, walkers, canes, glasses, hearing aids( now there is a technology change that has done a lot), and just a generally aging family, your perspective completely asked.  You asked what tech are you waiting for, probably not the ones you are thinking of but the definition of technology is the adaptation of science concepts in order to develop tools for use in any area of life.  Basic STEM definition of science and technology.  More to the world than TV's, phones, computers (although I will acknowledge their is some great develpment in wearable technology sensors in the body for metatabolic functioning of our bodies, reporting via cell phones or directly to our physcisians. We even now have tools for ECG and EMG and other monitoring tools along with robotic microsurgey and teleconferencing to aid the health field.  Moderate improvements in communications and information technology and evaluation techniques in health are coming (although, a company like Rogers still has a long way to go on customer management and evalutation of services on the information technology and communication side of their customer service), and health still has quite a way to go.


So that is my hope for tech for this year - along with alternatives to non-sustainable resources for energy, more energy efficiency, self monitoring and reporting of our own energy consumption patterns, and many others.


As for TV, cell phones, computers, etc , all the stuff Rogers does - I would be happy with the basic technology of 5 years ago.  I was fine with it then and still am now.


Happy 2016.


Rogers Employee ShakTiburon
Rogers Employee
Posts: 992

Re: What new tech are you waiting for this year?

@lockdown2341 New Nintendo? eh?? That's neat. I skipped out Wii U as well. (Actually, I am on hold for gaming consoles since I either will focus on PC upgrade since it does more than gaming, it has other functionality).

But to each their own, definitely understand if you don't want the latest and the greatest... a lot of people don't have that sort of interest.


@BS /Bruce, you never rain on the parade. well, I like the rain actually so wouldn't mind it a bit.

Actually your point is a very good one and respectfully so. I did say "new tech" not "New entertainment tech toy" 🙂

I actually follow medical technology advances just not closely anymore because it doesn't relate to me as much over time as I have gotten better.

But I particularly am following the research of nerve repairs and also robotics. Where they are listening to brain signals and starting to move the arms and fingers from the "Ghost" feeling an amputee has. Very interesting stuff, I'm pretty sure you know about it in more dept than me, I originally watched a documentary about it 6 years ago where they were starting to research it and got hooked into learning more about it. Now a lot of research facilities are conducting this option on patients and testing the prosthetics.

You are right about technology advancing the humans for their needs and making lives better. Yes technology is used for entertainment and 'fun' things but If technology as it stands was meant just for that, we wouldn't be where we are now.


I may speak of VR and AR or phones or games or what not but I really do hope we get even better in our medical science and energy efficiency. (Our current Solar Panels are horrible, in my opinion).


hehe, cheers.