The Apple/IBM Partnership and BlackBerry's acquisition of Secusmart

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The Apple/IBM Partnership and BlackBerry's acquisition of Secusmart

By now I’m sure we all have heard the Apple and IBM partnership to begin providing secure products and services to enterprise customers. This week it appears BlackBerry has ‘fired back’ with their acquisition of Secusmart (a German based company that focuses on security solutions for governments, wireless providers and enterprise).


How do feel this is all going to play out? Do you think this is a chance for IBM to turn themselves around since they offloaded their hardware business to Lenovo a few years back?


Or, on the other hand, does this put BlackBerry right back into the ‘security game’?

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Re: The Apple/IBM Partnership and BlackBerry's acquisition of Secusmart

Hello RogerDarrel

Honestly IBM has had issues with security before. Apple only did this because they needed someone with them to show they are " Secure" when in fact they aren't. It's easy to jailbreak a IOS device and we have seen plenty of times hackers back into IOS let alone find a exploit that unlocks the phone, shares info and such.

Blackberry is the most securiest Platform yet. secursmart Was always working with Blackberry behind the scenes so many do not know that blackberry had contracts with them before.

Either way IOS to me isn't secure as everyone thinks they are.
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Re: The Apple/IBM Partnership and BlackBerry's acquisition of Secusmart



Interesting topic here.   Blackberry was secure even before the acquisition.   That's always been their strength over others.  


Apple devices are not terribly secure, however because of the closed world of Apple ecosystem and not being able to attach even a usb device to their phones/tablets that in itself locks down the environment quite a bit.  Yes, they can be jailbroken but few people I think do that to their devices and not likely in the corporate world.  


The question of Apple and IBM together is whether 2 behemoths can work together to do something useful.   I doubt it but I may be surprised.   I think Apple is trying to show the world that they are more than just media consumption devices and this may be their attempt at entering the corporate world beyond just being a flashy device company.   I think this is targeted at displacing Microsoft more than Blackberry but if successful this could really hurt Blackberry and possibly Microsoft.


Blackberry's management software is already able to manage other platforms such as IOS and Android but needs to go further in this area.  Blackberry's weakness is not having a usable tablet type of device (as we all know they tried and failed there)   that can be used in the business world for portable computing.  This is where Apple can hurt them.    Microsoft is trying to win this area but not doing it well yet.  



Rogers Employee EhmTeeEhf
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Re: The Apple/IBM Partnership and BlackBerry's acquisition of Secusmart

Its funny this topic came up, i was having a discussion with a friend the other day stating apple iOS is the best choice now because a lot of government's are using iPhones now... I Chuckled and said. Blackberry may not be #1 in the world right now in Retail. But in Corporate Phone Security, Apple doesn't even hold a candle to them. So yeah i agree Blackberry is the most secure of all of the cell phone platforms atm.


Just my 2 cents.

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Re: The Apple/IBM Partnership and BlackBerry's acquisition of Secusmart

BlackBerry has always been the most secure mobile system, going back to its early days. I worked with a firm back in 1999, and its tech support people were using BlackBerry devices. They weren't smart phones, of course. They looked like sophisticated pagers with a display.


As for IBM, they are still in the main frame business, as far as I know. I realize they sold off their PC business to Lenovo long ago. IBM's strength has been more in the consulting and services business in recent years. If you track its stock price over the years, it has done very well.


I'm a bit sceptical about BlackBerry and whether it's going to survive, but I wish them luck. John Chen does have a good track record of turning companies around. He's certainly being paid handsomely as CEO.

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Re: The Apple/IBM Partnership and BlackBerry's acquisition of Secusmart

A my work, I have been dealing with phones/smartphones, and their security for probably 8+ years now.

We were for the longest time a BB shop.  Definately the most secure, and especially early on, was one of the only phones with MANAGEMENT through BES.


But over the last number of years.. the number of MDM (mobile device management) companies / software have greatly increased, and helped with the othe platforms.

Curently, we are using AIRWATCH at work.  While not all of it is enabled for us, there are many options that can greatly restrict the abilities.. on iOS and android phones. 
You can restrict it that NO apps other than approved ones can be installed, nothing is allowed to be deleted, etc.
Plus all the things like remote LOCK, WIPE, etc.

Sure there are ways to delete/wipe the phone, etc completely.. but at least any corporate data on it, is secure.

Rogers Employee EhmTeeEhf
Rogers Employee
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Re: The Apple/IBM Partnership and BlackBerry's acquisition of Secusmart

My only issue with those apps are they are software based and provided through 3rd parties, who gets to see what you type when you type and also monitor what you do in real time, I am sure they mean well but having one company monitor my info is fine, but apps can be hacked and who knows how much of your info is being shared/stored/viewed in these 3rd party apps. 


At least with blackberry you know it was secure, as it was part of the OS integrated with the best encryption in the business. No additional 3rd party software, so in reality still is the best option in my opinion, but i know all people are not BB users. I think JC had it right to say when he was going to turn BB into the best software and security company in the market. He's going to do it.

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